How To Find Emails On Facebook: Top Facebook Email Finder Tools And Methods In 2024

How to find emails on Facebook (featured image)

Much attention is paid to LinkedIn as the top platform for finding business leads. So when it comes to Facebook, I usually see skeptical smiles, as if saying, ‘Come on…Facebook is a social network for communication with friends and family.’ 

The truth is you can gain much more business value from Facebook if you learn how to combine this dark horse with your email marketing strategy. 

In this post, we’ll dot all the i’s concerning Facebook’s business power and talk about how to get emails from this platform in various ways.

Why look for leads on Facebook

As I have said above, Facebook is unfairly reckoned as a platform for small talk and discussions among friends. In fact, it has a much bigger business-growth power than you might think. Let’s look at some of its benefits for companies:

Facebook is your opportunity to reach billions of potential customers

As of July 2022, Facebook had almost 3 billion monthly active users, making it the most active social media platform in the world. Can you just imagine…approximately 3 billion users! So many possibilities to position your brand and build tights that will grow in future deals.

You can combine Facebook ads and email marketing

Showcasing your brand through Facebook ads is inexpensive but offers great targeting opportunities. You can target by age, gender, interests, behavior, location, etc., and your leads will come to you themselves. You’ll just need to collect their email addresses and prepare your email campaigns for maximum outreach.

Facebook groups are hubs of B2B prospects

It’s no secret that Facebook groups are beloved places of communication among business professionals. Why? Simply because it’s much easier for people to use a single platform for both informal and industry-related discussions rather than switching from one network to another. 

You can add value to Facebook communities with your expertise by commenting on others’ posts, hence establishing your image and building links with potential B2B customers.

Facebook favors personalized communication

If you’ve read posts before, you might already know how much personalized outreach matters for the success of your deals. Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook members are more inclined to leave any kind of personal information like their marital status, photos from previous vacations, interests, events they attend, and so on. 

This data can become the best hook for your further personalized cold outreach. By referring to something private and similar, you have all chances of building rapport right from the start.

How to find emails on Facebook

You can engage with Facebook leads right on Facebook Messenger. Still, the problem is that not all contacts are accessible through this chat unless they are on your friends list. What is more, in case of bulk outreach, I’m afraid picking each lead and sending them a message will be a killing job. 

The best solution is to rely on the old buddy – email. Let’s look at the ways you can find prospects’ email addresses on Facebook.

1. Get an email from the person’s Facebook profile 

Finding someone’s email on Facebook can be accomplished with the following steps:

  • Begin by typing the individual’s name into Facebook’s search bar at the top of the page.
  • Once you’ve located the correct profile, click on it to open it.

Finding an email from the person's Facebook profile

  • From the profile page, navigate to the ‘About’ section.
  • Within the ‘About’ section, find and click the ‘Contact and Basic Info’ tab, which is usually listed on the left-hand side.
  • If the individual has chosen to display their email, it will be visible here at the top of this section.

Finding emails on Facebook

If, however, you still cannot see an email address in a prospect’s Facebook profile, it means they made this information private, so you need to use other ways to find it.

2. Ask for the email address directly

If an email address is set to private and hidden from you, you can try asking for it directly. Just click on the ‘Message’ button in the upper right corner of a person’s profile and write your message:
emails on Facebook

Make sure your message is personalized, short, and brisk. Remember to establish who you are and state why you are contacting a person.

emails on Facebook

3. Find email addresses with

If you are already using as an all-in-one tool for sales outreach or are planning to use it, you might be wondering how it is possible to find the email addresses of potential customers from Facebook with the help of this tool. 

The good news is that you can easily grab people’s emails if you combine prospecting skills with functionality. Let’s see how. I’ll provide you with two options for how you can do it.

Option 1. Find emails through a prospect’s website

Even though a person you want to add to your prospect list has not provided their email address in the Facebook profile, there is a possibility that they’ve included their corporate website in the ‘About’ tab. If they did, here is how can help you:

Step 1: Follow the link to the website a Facebook user pointed out in their profile:

emails on Facebook
Step 2. Download the Email Finder extension. As soon as you do, you’ll see a respective icon in the upper right corner of your browser window: email finder

Step 3. While being on a prospect’s website, click the extension icon, and you’ll get an email in a few seconds: email finder extension

Option 2. Find emails through a prospect’s LinkedIn page

Prospects often leave the link to their LinkedIn page in their Facebook profile. In this case, your algorithm looks similar:

Step 1. Follow the link to the LinkedIn profile a Facebook user pointed out in their profile:

emails on Facebook through LinkedInStep 2. Download the LI Prospect Finder extension. As soon as you do, you’ll see a respective icon in the upper right corner of your browser window:

Finding emails on Facebook through LinkedIn with Snov.ioStep 3. While being on a prospect’s LinkedIn page, click the extension icon, and you’ll get an email in a few seconds: Li Prospect Finder extension

You can save the automatically verified leads to your account, send them personalized emails using Email Drip Campaigns, or add them as prospects to your free sales CRM. CRM banner

4. Import emails from Facebook to Gmail

This method can be a bit lengthy, but it will let you get emails of prospects from your Facebook friends list in bulk, provided they’ve made this information public. 

Step 1. Open your Facebook and click the arrow pointing downward in the upper right corner. Then, select ‘Settings & Privacy’ and click ‘Settings.’ 

 Import emails from Facebook to Gmail

Step 2. Once you’re on the Settings page, click ‘Privacy,’ then choose ‘Your Facebook information’ and click ‘Download profile information.

 Import emails from Facebook to Gmail
Step 3. On the ‘Download profile information’ page, select file options (HTML as a file format and the date range you need).

 Import emails from Facebook to Gmail

Select the information to download. For this, deselect all and select ‘Friends and followers.’

 Import emails from Facebook to Gmail

Scroll down the page and click the ‘Request a download’ button.

 Import emails from Facebook to Gmail

You may be asked to provide your Facebook password to prove you’re the owner of the Facebook profile.

Then go up the page again to the ‘Downloads‘ section and click ‘Available files’ to find the download you’ve just requested.

 Import emails from Facebook to Gmail

Finally, download the requested file.

download the file with emails from Facebook

Step 4. Now you have a ZIP file with the data you need. Extract it and open the HTML file called ‘Friends.’

You can’t import your data to Gmail with an HTML file, so you need to convert it to a CSV file. To do this, you can use a free online converting tool like Convertio. Just upload your file, choose the CSV format, and click ‘Convert.’ Once it’s ready, download your CSV file.

File Converter

Step 5. Now that you have the CSV file go to Google Contacts. Click ‘Import contacts,’ select your CSV file, and press ‘Import.’

import contactsOnce the import is over, you can open Gmail and see all your Facebook contacts there.

5. Use Facebook email finder tools

There are special email finder tools that can be used tocollect emails from Facebook in minutes. Let’s consider four of the most popular ones.


Facebook Email Finder by iStaunch is a simple tool to get email addresses for free based on a person’s Facebook ID. All you have to do is enter a Facebook profile link or username and click the ‘Find Email Address’ button. The tool will generate the email. 


The email address won’t be automatically verified, so you’ll need to use an additional tool for verification.

Email Verifier

Improve your email deliverability and clean your email list

Email Verifier

Pricing: iStaunch is a free service.


Swordfish simultaneously connects to 200+ network data partners to bring users the most accurate contact information, including personal and business email addresses. 

To get a user’s email from Facebook, you just need to type in their Facebook URL and username. The tool will find a name, provided it’s public, and verify it on the go.


Pricing: Swordfish offers a 7-day free trial. The basic paid plan will cost you $99/month.

Atomic Email Hunter

This advanced tool helps collect bulk email addresses all through the web. You can collect emails from Facebook in several ways.

You can simply launch the tool, go to the ‘Search’ menu, and choose the ‘Search in list’ option for targeted extraction. Then you should copy/paste the URLs you have chosen into the program dialog window and click OK.

Atomic Email Hunter

Alternatively, a Facebook plugin can help you extract emails from Facebook based on keywords.

Atomic email hunter

Pricing: Atompark Email Hunter has a 7-day free trial. Its paid plan will cost you about $60/month.


This service is specifically tailored to collect emails from Facebook. It allows you to extract emails from Facebook groups, fan pages, profiles of your friends, and friends of friends in bulk. You just need to connect your Facebook account to the service and choose among the tool’s options. 

For instance, to get emails from the Facebook group, you should join it, get its ID, insert it in the tool’s search bar, and click ‘Extract.’ Once the tool extracts email addresses from the group, you can download the excel file with all the data.


Pricing: X2Emails offers a 14-day free trial. The paid plan will cost you $59/lifetime.

Wrapping up

Finding email addresses on Facebook can be both easy and challenging. In the post, we’ve provided five methods to get emails of potential leads from this platform, both manually and using specific tools. In addition, we’ve discussed how you can get emails from Facebook right to your account to further use them for your email outreach. 

Yet is more than software for finding emails. Feel its lead generation, email sending, and tracking power all in one, and don’t forget that access to CRM will be given to you for free, whichever plan you choose. CRM banner

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