21 Way You Can Use Snov.io For Successful Sales Outreach

Successful outreach with Snov.io

If you are reading this post, you must have already found yourself at the doors of potential customers waiting for the perfect outreach tool that will help you unlock them without much effort. 

We won’t tell you how Snov.io differs from other software solutions. Instead, we’ll show you how Snov.io can make your outreach as resultative as never before and provide you with all possible ways you may use this tool for your ambitious goals.

So what is Snov.io?

Snov.io is an all-in-one CRM and outreach automation platform offering a variety of tools for lead generation, data and contact management, email verification, email sending, and email tracking. Due to its versatile features, users often ask how they can use this platform. Let’s answer these popular questions:

Can I use Snov.io as a CRM? 

Yes. Snov.io is a free CRM tailored to streamline your sales process.

Can I use Snov.io as a marketing automation tool?


Can I use Snov.io as a sales automation tool?


Who is Snov.io for?

Snov.io is a solution for everyone interested in building business relationships with people, starting from big or small SaaS companies to freelancers, sales reps, marketers, PR specialists, and HRs. In particular, you can use this tool to organize your sales process from the beginning till the closing stage, contact influencers and media outlets, find candidates on various platforms, find investors, build links for your blog, and so on.

Its email-finding features are for both a beginner and a pro. Say, you may use Snov.io if you just need to look up a single email address or when you need a list of emails to reach all prospects at once. 

The platform is also a perfect solution for those who want to put their email outreach on autopilot and get rid of manual work associated with finding contacts and sending email messages.

How can you use Snov.io for your successful outreach?

Now let’s discover all Snov.io capabilities for you to have a picture of the tool’s potential and how you can use it for your outreach. So, what can you do with it?

1. Create and edit custom pipelines that reflect your sales process

With Snov.io free CRM, you can easily manage your sales pipelines. Just go to the Pipeline menu to create a new pipeline and edit it, if needed, by renaming stages, changing their color, moving or deleting them. Any changes you make to your pipeline will be automatically saved.

Create and edit custom pipelines that reflect your sales process

2. Create and manage sales deals

Snov.io CRM functionality allows easy organization of all your sales deals. You can create deals right from the Deals tab in two ways: 

Create and manage sales deals

Another option to create a deal is from a prospect list:

Snov.io CRM

By simple drag-and-dropping, deals can be moved to other stages as you progress in closing them. As soon as the deal is closed, you can move it to Lost or Won at the bottom of the page. There, you can delete a deal permanently.

Snov.io CRM

To keep your data organized, you can add up to 10 groups and 100 custom fields to your deal card. To add them, just go to the Deal data grouping and field settings:

Snov.io CRM

3. Collaborate with your team

Snov.io CRM allows you to work on deals in a Team: you can view your team’s deals, add and share notes with your teammates, set responsible team members, and more. 

If you want to leave a note in a deal, all you need is to go to the Deal card, type in your note, and save it. All notes can be edited, pinned, and deleted. 

Snov.io CRM

If you are a team lead, you can easily change the responsible person for the deal.

Snov.io CRM

Besides, as a a team lead, you can set permission settings to your team members via your Account settings. 

Collaborate with your team

What’s especially great about Snov.io is that all existing Snov.io tools can be used with Snov.io CRM, meaning you don’t need to buy additional tools for prospecting or outreach. 

Snov.io CRM banner

4. Find an email address of a specific professional

To reach out to the right person for business purposes, you may use the Single Email Search feature of the Snov.io Email Finder tool that will allow you to find a professional’s email address in less than a minute. 

Type in their first name, last name, and company domain name.

Single email search with Snov.io


You’ll get one or more pre-verified emails for the person you are searching for, so feel free to add them to one of your prospect lists. 

How to find a single email with Snov.io

5. Find email addresses of people in bulk

If you need to find emails of many prospects at once, you can easily do it with Bulk Email Search. Just choose your CSV file with a list of prospects to upload: 

Bulk email search with Snov.io

The file should have three columns in the following order: first name, last name, domain name.

Contact list to upload

Open the list to see the results. 

How to find emails in bulk with Snov.io
You’ll get a list of email addresses already pre-verified. A new prospect list will be created automatically with the same name as the file you’ve uploaded. You can later rename it or move your prospects to another list. 

My contact list in Snov.io

6. Find email addresses associated with a specific company or domain

What if you need a list of email addresses that belong to specialists of a particular company? With Domain Search finding such a list will cost you less than half a minute. Just enter a domain name and let the tool do the rest:

Domain search with Snov.io

You’ll see the list of employees whom you can filter by their job position. To get their emails, you just need to add them to the list:

Finding emails by domain

If you are looking more globally, Snov.io also allows you to find contacts from a list of up to 20,000 domains. Just use the Bulk Domain Search feature, decide whether you want to find emails from an uploaded list or from companies’ profiles you’ve collected. 

You may choose to get only their emails or full profiles (with the prospect’s name, company, and job position)  filtering prospects by job position or country ― that’s especially helpful if you are going to contact decision-makers or work with leads from certain countries. 

Take a quick look at Snov.io’s short video guide on how to do a bulk domain search:

7. Find email addresses from links to social networking sites

If you have a list of URLs of people’s social profiles, finding their emails will take you nothing: just use the Social URL Search feature and upload your CSV or TXT file with links to social network profiles (like LinkedIn or Twitter).

Social URL search with Snov.io

And have fun adding new contacts to your list.

How to find emails by social URL with Snov.io

8. Find email addresses of ideal candidates and prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has vast opportunities for prospecting. That’s probably the best space to hunt for leads, candidates, influencers, investors, and any business-related professionals of your interest. With Snov.io LI Prospect Finder getting their emails is just a one-minute task. Okay, not a one-minute… Even less:) 

Go to any LinkedIn page, click on your LI Prospect Finder extension icon, add the list of new email addresses, and celebrate. 

Li Prospect Finder

Want to boost your sales performance even more? Read our post about how to attract more customers with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Snov.io LI Prospect Finder.  

9. Find email addresses on any website

LinkedIn is not the only place you can collect emails from. Get email addresses from any website with the Snov.io Email Finder extension for Chrome! That’s especially handy when you want to find lead’s contacts but know only their company’s website.

Simply go to any website where you want to find emails and launch the Email Finder extension. You’ll get a list of email addresses, so you may either add them all to your list or select and save specific ones.

How to find emails on any website with Snov.io

10. Find B2B leads based on their company profile

You may collect hundreds of valuable contacts with Snov.io Database Search that enables you to look for emails by such parameters as company name, location, industry, company size, foundation date, revenue, and specialities. 

Snov.io Database Search

The tool will find you a list of businesses that fit your search criteria. Just select those you’re interested in and add them to your prospect list. 

Snov.io Database Search by company

As soon as you add the chosen companies to your prospect base, you may see detailed information about each business. You’ll also be able to see a list of its employees, sort it by job position, and add their contacts to your prospect list. 

Snov.io Database Search by company

Snov.io is a real hero when it comes to finding email addresses as it can literally grab them anywhere:)

Snov.io Email Finder

Find any email. Anywhere.

Snov.io Email Finder

11. Find contacts based on the technology they use

You may find contacts by knowing what web technology they utilize. With Snov.io Technology Checker it’s particularly easy. Simply type in the technology name and enjoy a list of up to 20,000 websites. 

We’ve foreseen your sophisticated demands, so you may narrow the results using an advanced search around such criteria as industry, number of employees, country, and language.

You’ll get a list of companies you may export as a CSV file. If you want to find people from these businesses to contact, you’ll just need to conduct the above-mentioned Bulk Domain Search for the found websites. 

Pro tip: Don’t miss a chance to study your competitors — Snov.io Technology checker will also show you what web technologies companies like you prefer, so you may use this information for your sales pitch. 

12. Verify email addresses to ensure high deliverability

Email verification helps you keep your email list clean as you filter invalid and spammy email addresses that can hurt your deliverability and harm your sender reputation.

Once you’ve done your best to find quality emails, Snov.io Email Verifier helps you check them to make sure they’re valid and you won’t get undesirable bounces. To guarantee quality verification, the process includes syntax check, MX record check, and SMTP authentication, among others.

Verify your emails before sending

Use Snov.io Email Verifier

Verify your emails before sending

Why use Email Verifier if emails are verified in Email Finder automatically?

Yes, Email Finder conducts email verification upon finding them. But with Email Verifier, you can check all emails in the world no matter how you got them — whether you found them with the Snov.io tool, took them from any webpage, or got them from anybody directly. 

You can verify both a single email address or emails in bulk. For single verification, just paste an email address, click the Verify email button, and you’ll get an instant result with one of three labels (green for valid, yellow for unverifiable and likely catch-all, red for invalid, i.e., the one that will result in a bounce). If an email is valid, feel free to add it to your list. 

How to verify single email with Snov.io

To check many emails, upload the list of addresses you’d like to verify. You can check specific email addresses or the whole list altogether.

How to verify emails in bulk with Snov.io

13. Manage contact lists of potential prospects

Apart from finding emails, you’ll most likely want to save their lists for the sake of contacting targeted people whenever you need. To help you keep everything in one place and optimize your outreach campaigns, Snov.io allows managing your contacts in a CRM view. 

You may create folders to organize your prospect lists and sort, edit, or delete them. You can also keep track of all the detailed information about your prospects, for example, the date you’ve added them to your list, the date the verification status changed, campaigns to which the prospect was added, the added tags, the sent emails, etc.

Managing prospect's profile

What is more, you can sort prospects according to their names or the date they were added. For convenience, you may also change the order of the columns in your prospect list. 

Managing data columns in prospect's profile

And when you need to have additional information about your prospect to work with, you may always edit their profile on your own. 

Editing prospect's profile

14. Build and send automated AI-powered email campaigns

Snov.io is always in an ON mode to automate your cold outreach process. With its Email Drip Campaigns tool, you may send single messages or create complex email campaigns with a clever sequence of emails where each next email will be automatically sent to your prospects depending on their behavior. 

Snov.io Email drip campaigns

Besides, you can manage the email campaign’s performance and schedule follow-ups directly from your Snov.io account — all for free. 

Scheduling email drip campaign

Within Snov.io Drip Campaigns, you can create and modify messages as you wish: change the font, use emoji, attach files (up to 3 MB), add links, etc. You can also add custom variables into the subject line and the message body to make your emails look highly personalized.

Edit an email in Snov.io

Snov.io AI Email Writer embedded into the Email Drips will help you create a new email from scratch, improve an existing template, adjust the tone, or translate it to 36 different languages(!)

Snov.io AI

As you can see, writing and sending emails is more a pleasant adventure than a challenge with Snov.io!
email drip campaigns

15. A/B test email campaigns

If you are a lucky owner of at least the Snov.io M plan, you may use its A/B testing feature for your campaigns to define the most successful email variation. It brings more conversions and allows you to experiment and add small changes to the subject line and email body, try different CTA, etc., to compare results and find out what works best for your contacts. 

A/B testing email campaigns in Snov.io

You can add up to 5 variations to create different versions of your email. All of them will be equally distributed among the recipients from your prospect list. 

After the campaign is launched, you’ll be able to set a pause or delete some email variations if needed. 

A/B testing campaigns in Snov.io

Finally, you can always view the engagement metrics (emails sent, opens, clicks, and replies) for the total number of sent email variants and each variant separately.

A/B testing statistics

16. Send bulk emails in Gmail

With Snov.io, you may create and launch email campaigns directly in Gmail. GBlast mass email merge extension saves your time by helping personalize your emails and send them in bulk.

The tool is free and builds right into your Gmail account, so you don’t need additional settings. 

You may set your limits, add Cc/Bcc recipients, and take control of your sending to preserve account reputation.

Sending emails with GBlast

17. Track when leads open your emails and follow links

After sending emails you’ll wish to see how they perform. With Snov.io Email Tracker for Gmail, you’ll be able to do it without much effort. 

You may see reactions to your messages right in your Gmail account owing to a full activity log, so you’ll never miss a point of following up with a hot lead or adjusting your email outreach. But even if you are afraid you will, the tool gives you the possibility to schedule your email for a specified time of the day. 

Email Tracker from Snov.io

Besides, there is a helpful Remind Me feature that allows you to set reminders for emails that have been opened, clicked through, or ignored. 

Email Tracker: Remind me feature

And even if you aren’t in your Gmail tab at the moment, Email Tracker will make you aware each time your email message is read or the recipient clicks a link with its real-time desktop notifications.

Email tracker notifications

18. Warm-up your email account

Snov.io Email Warm-up prepares your email account for best sending performance and scoring top-notch inbox placement. It works by building or recovering your sender reputation to fix deliverability issues and make sure your emails land in Inbox, not Spam or Promotions.

Snov.io Email Warm-up

You can warm up both custom and free accounts from all major email service providers from Yahoo to Zoho Mail and beyond.

Say goodbye to spam

Always land in the Inbox with Snov.io Email Warm-up

Spam Checker

19. Audit your email deliverability

Recently, Snov.io has launched Email Deliverability Test, which helps users test how well their emails will be delivered to leads’ inboxes and fix various issues that affect their sender reputation. The tool analyzes your technical setup, email content and shares results on your overall inbox placement, domain health, and email copy insights.

Snov.io Deliverability Check

20. Integrate with other CRMs and online tools

To get the most of your outreach, you may upgrade your Snov.io account and use all benefits of its powerful Integrations with other tools, for instance, such CRMs as Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, and many more.

Snov.io integrations

What’s more, you may use Zapier integration to connect with more than 20,000 apps, all tailored to streamline your business processes. Here are just some of them:

  • Apps for your successful lead generation (LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, Facebook Lead Ads, Phantombuster, Albacross, Dux-Soup, Webium)
  • Apps for building strong teamwork (Slack, Trello, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Calendar)
  • Apps for your bright media content personalization (Hippo Video, Hyperise, NiftyImages)
  • Apps for improving your customer retention (Twillo, Calendly, Intercom, ScheduleOnce, Zoom, Book like a Boss, DocSend, Google contacts)
  • Helpful marketing automation platforms (Mailchimp, Freshmaker, Platform.ly, Autopilot), and many more. 

Snov.io integrations with apps

21. Use Snov.io API for developers

Snov.io features are available with a simple REST API. So, by creating an account in Snov.io, you may get your API key to integrate with your own service, sync your leads, and manage prospects. Snov.io API possibilities include Domain Search, Single or Bulk Email Search, and Email Verification. You may also add prospects to a list, change a recipient’s status, etc.

Wrapping up

Outreach is not just about finding and contacting prospects. It is about building a clever strategy that consists in understanding your ideal prospect, candidate, or influencer (depending on your goal), finding their valid contact data, building a highly personalized email campaign, tracking its performance, keeping all necessary prospect information in one place, and other complex tasks you’ll be able to fulfill if you have a reliable toolkit in your hands. 

Snov.io contains all the tools to make your outreach quick and effortless: it offers its free CRM for the organization of your sales process, helps you find and verify emails, manage leads, build targeted email campaigns, track the results, sync with your favorite apps, use API, and do it all with the most optimal convenience an all-in-one platform can only afford. 

Now it’s your turn to try these tools on your own and get total excitement from your outreach results. 

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