Integrate Your Favorite Apps With Zapier Integration Is Here

Integrate Your Favorite Apps With Zapier Integration Is Here takes care of a significant chunk of your marketing and sales needs. After all, we don’t call ourselves an outreach automation platform for nothing. And now, you can integrate over 2000+ apps(!) with to create a fully synced system using Zapier

We’re extremely excited about this integration. Zapier connects to your favorite apps like HubSpot, Trello, Salesforce, Zoho, Google Forms, Phantombuster, Facebook Lead Ads, and Paypal, to name a few. 

Create simple or multi-step Zaps to stay organized and get the data you need in just a few clicks. Sounds exciting? Find this integration in the More Tools tab in your account.

Integrate for easy prospect management

Create Zaps to send found leads to your favorite CRM, create personalized visual content in your drip campaigns, launch multichannel marketing for targeted leads – the possibilities are endless. In fact, you currently can create as many as 233 possible integrations of and HubSpot alone!

We encourage you to explore and discover new ways to add efficiency to your workflow. To start, here are some Zaps you can try launching right now:

HubSpot + Add new contacts from to a HubSpot list

This has been one of the most requested integrations, and it’s finally here. Search and collect new leads all over the web and have them sent directly to your HubSpot lists for further management.

Explore other 233 HubSpot→ and→HubSpot Zaps

Salesforce + Create records in Salesforce when you add new prospects in

Connect to one of the most powerful CRMs in the world. Use this Zap to create new records in Salesforce for every new prospect you save to Explore over 60 other Salesforce + integration options like New Reply → Create Attachment and New Record → Add Email for Verification.

Explore 67 other Salesforce→ and→Salesforce Zaps

Slack + Share new campaign replies from in a Slack channel

With this Zap, you can make sure every new reply to your drip campaign is recorded in a Slack channel for all your team members to see. Collaborate with your team on further steps for hot leads or use this Zap for team campaign success management. 

Explore 158 other Slack→ and→Slack Zaps

Google Forms  + Create prospects in from new Google Forms submissions

Using Google Forms for lead collection? With this Zap, you can create prospects in from new Google Forms submissions. Collect simple contact info or complex enriched profiles – Zapier will send it right to your profile.

Explore 26 other Google Forms→ and→Google Forms Zaps

NiftyImages + Create personalized images from NiftyImages for new prospects in

Looking to personalize your outreach a little more… visually? This Zap is for you. Create personalized images to use in your welcome emails whenever you add a new prospect. 

Explore 13 other NiftyImages→ and→NiftyImages Zaps

Hippo Video + Send personalized videos from Hippo Video to new prospects in

Videos are a great engagement tool for your email campaign. But how do you make them more personalized? With this Zap! Set it up, and Hippo Video will send personalized videos directly to your leads once you’ve added them to your prospect list.

Explore 50 other Hippo Video→ and→Hippo Video Zaps

Trello + Create cards in Trello for new replies in email campaigns

If you and your team use Trello for sales and task management, this Zap is for you. Connect to Trello to create a new card whenever you receive a new reply from a hot lead in your drip campaign.

Explore 237 other Trello→ and→Trello Zaps

Zoho CRM + Create module entry in Zoho for new prospects added to

Using Zoho as your main CRM? Set up this Zap to make sure every new prospect you add through is created in Zoho as a new module. The best thing is, this is just one of 104(!) possible Zap variations you can set up between and Zoho CRM.

Explore 104 other Zoho CRM→ and→Zoho CRM Zaps

Asana + Create tasks in Asana for new replies in email campaigns

Asana is a task management beast. Set up this Zap to create tasks in Asana whenever you receive new replies in drip campaigns, making it easy to track and distribute tasks for your sales team. 

Explore 133 other Asana→ and→Asana Zaps

Intercom + Create leads in Intercom for new prospects added to

Connect to Intercom using this Zap to create leads in Intercom for new prospects found or added through Better yet, check out 143 other Zap variations between these apps to fine-tune your customer communication.

Explore 143 other Intercom→ and→Intercom Zaps

Phantombuster + Launch a phantom in Phantombuster for new prospects in

Another one of our most requested integrations is finally possible! Use this Zap to launch a phantom whenever you add a new prospect to Connect the two in just a few clicks, no code necessary.

Explore 13 other Phantombuster→ and→Phantombuster Zaps

Dux-Soup + Send a direct message in LinkedIn from Dux-soup to new prospects in 

Dux-Soup helps you find and engage with prospects on LinkedIn. With this Zap, every time you add a new prospect in, Dux-Soup will send them a direct message on LinkedIn. A great solution for those who are looking to integrate their prospecting with LinkedIn outreach!

Explore 20 other Dux-Soup→ and→Dux-Soup Zaps  

Adapt + Create prospects in for new contacts from Lead Builder in Adapt

If you use Adapt and purchase new contacts from Lead Builder, use this Zap to create prospects in for every new purchased contact. Store your leads in one place or use more Zaps to pool all collected leads to your CRM.

Explore 8 other Adapt→ Zaps 

Twilio + Send SMS from Twilio to new prospects in

Looking to grow into multichannel marketing? This Zap lets you send SMS to new prospects added to your list. Twilio can also send and receive voice calls, so make sure to check other integration variations between the two.

Explore 50 other Twilio→ and→Twilio Zaps

Google Sheets + Create spreadsheet rows in Google Sheets for new prospects in

While already offers export to Google Sheets, this Zap will help you automate the process by creating spreadsheet rows with new prospect data whenever you add them to your lists. Not quite the Google Sheets integration you are looking for? Don’t worry, there’s over 100 possible integration variations between and Google Sheets to help you track your workflow!

Explore 103 other Google Sheets→ and→Google Sheets Zaps  

email finder now integrates with over 2000+ other tools 

We’ve created the Zaps above based on the most requested integrations from our users, but these don’t even scratch the surface of automation possibilities offered by this Zapier integration.   

All your favorite CRMs, apps, tools, and services are now just a few minutes away from integrating with Enjoy!

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