How To Add A Promotion On LinkedIn: Tutorial With Templates

Congratulations on your recent promotion! Whether it’s a step up the corporate ladder or a significant achievement in your career, showcasing your success on LinkedIn is a perfect way to share the news with your professional network. 

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to add a promotion on LinkedIn step by step, explain why you actually need to do this and unveil when it’s okay to get the word out about your promotion and when it would be better to hold back.

How to add a promotion on LinkedIn?

Adding a promotion to your LinkedIn profile is pretty simple. But you can employ a few tactics to ensure your career advancement is presented in the best light. I invite you to walk through the process using my personal case as an example. 

After two years at, I recently got promoted to Expert Writer, which encouraged me to add a promotion on LinkedIn and inform my network. Now, I’m eager to share some tips with you. 🙂

Before we start, though, I strongly recommend optimizing your LinkedIn profile. This will improve your online presence and visibility and attract potential employers or clients looking for someone with expertise and qualifications similar to yours.

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There are two methods to add a promotion to your LinkedIn profile:

Method #1: Edit your existing experience

If you wonder how to add a promotion on LinkedIn at the same company, this one is for you.

First, go to your profile page and scroll down to the Experience section. Find the position you want to update.

experience section LinkedIn

Click the pencil icon ✏️ on the right-hand side of the position box to edit the experience.

A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to edit your current position. Update your job title and the dates to reflect your promotion.

LinkedIn experience section editing

Below the job title and company name, there’s the Description section, where you can add details about your role, new responsibilities, etc. (just scroll down a bit). When completing this section, take some time to reflect on the reasons behind your promotion, highlighting your achievements and the impact you have had in your previous role.

When adding the promotion on LinkedIn, include tangible results, numbers, or data demonstrating your achievements. This will grab people’s attention and make a good impression on your colleagues and clients.

It’s your time to shine!

LinkedIn experience section editing 3

Here’s how I approached this.

I focused on what I’ve learned while working at, a sales engagement and automation platform that helps businesses grow and scale their outreach.

For example, I’ve gained expertise in email marketing, LinkedIn lead generation, and revenue growth. I’ve also launched email drip campaigns to understand how they work and then shared tips on implementing them to grow your business and expand your client base.

So, I wrote my description with this in mind.

I put your email outreach on autopilot

I am Email Drip Campaigns tool

I put your email outreach on autopilot

Describing yourself can sometimes feel like a challenge. You need to take some time to craft a comprehensive narrative to showcase your achievements and do yourself justice. But no worries—after reading this article, you will easily write the best promotion post!


But let’s get back to the topic at hand. When you’re through with your description, scroll down and add the top 5 skills you used in this role. They’ll also appear in your Skills section.


Lastly, you can add visual elements to draw more attention to your new promotion. For example, you can include a link to a video or document relevant to your occupation or upload images or presentations. I’ve decided to link the website.

media link

Once you’ve made the necessary updates, review all fields to ensure the information is correct and that your new position is well reflected. You can also opt out of notifying your network about your updates, but it’s better to turn on this option if you want to engage more with your network.

notify your network

Click the Save button at the bottom of the pop-up window. Now, anyone who views your profile will see the latest news.

position added

Method #2: Add your promotion as a new role

If your responsibilities in the new position differ significantly from those in your previous one, it would be better for you to choose this method as it allows you to highlight your career progression more clearly than just editing your current experience.

Go to your LinkedIn account and click the Add profile section button below your profile picture. Then, select the Add position option in the pop-up window.

add to profile

Next, enter the details of your new role. The required fields are Title, Company name, Start date, and Industry. Don’t skip the Description section, though, as it’s important to outline your new responsibilities and challenges clearly. And, of course, add the top 5 skills as well.

Pay attention to the Profile headline field since it will be displayed on your LinkedIn profile’s front page, right below your photo.

Don’t limit your headline to merely stating your job title. Instead, seize the opportunity to craft something compelling for your prospects, demonstrating the value and benefits you can offer them. Use relevant industry-specific terms to increase the visibility of your profile. Here are some examples for sales and marketing specialists:


B2B Head of Sales | Mastering the art of complex deals with a focus on client success

Strategic Sales Manager. Developing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs

Sales Enablement Expert | Elevating sales teams with cutting-edge strategies for peak performance

Marketing Analyst. Leveraging data insights to forge stronger brand connections and boost ROI

As in method #1, you can add the needed media elements and opt in or opt out of notifying your network.

Here’s my final result:

final result

You can also fill in the Recommended section to increase the credibility of your profile—feature your most successful projects, add training courses you’ve taken, or add more skills.

Don’t be shy about adding a little flair to your LinkedIn account. You never know who might come across your page!😉

This method also works if you join a new company. Follow the steps above to ensure your profile reflects the recent changes.

Why should you add a promotion on LinkedIn?

You might wonder, “Is there any point in informing my connections about my career?”


Well, I firmly believe there is!

First of all, adding a promotion to your LinkedIn profile is a good way to mark your accomplishments and evaluate your skills, achievements, future challenges, etc. Most of us rarely take the time to celebrate our successes, so even such a minor thing as updating your profile can help you stay in the moment.

Secondly, as we all know, LinkedIn is a super tool for networking and career growth. So, updating your work experience is a great way to showcase your progress to your peers and potential clients.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can gain access to a wide range of benefits, some of them being:

Enhanced personal brand

Think of your LinkedIn account as your business card. As your career evolves, it is crucial to add relevant information to show yourself in a favorable light.

Regular updates demonstrate your commitment to career growth, reinforcing your professional image and credibility in the eyes of colleagues, management, potential employers, and clients (current and potential).

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Increased visibility

A pleasant bonus is that sharing your career advancements puts you on the radar of business partners and headhunters seeking someone with your skills and experience. 

If you’re not currently considering a job change, that’s fine. However, it’s essential to remember that circumstances evolve, and your career goals might change accordingly. So, preparing in advance is a smart move.

New networking opportunities

Your updates can spark conversations, rekindle old connections, and help you forge new ones. They also boost your Social Selling Index (SSI), which helps you find more networking opportunities with prospective customers and opens doors to valuable collaborations and professional connections. 

If you work in sales or marketing, adding a promotion on LinkedIn is an investment in your career that can yield long-term benefits, such as a bigger customer database and higher revenue. 

Is it always necessary to inform your network about changes in your career?

As soon as you get a raise at work, you can rush to your LinkedIn account and add a promotion immediately—or not…

The decision to avoid notifying your connections about job changes is deeply personal and can be influenced by several factors, such as: 


In some cases, the promotion may be part of a private process within the company. Notifying the entire network could potentially breach non-disclosure agreements or cause unnecessary speculation.


Some people prefer to wait for a better moment to announce their promotion, such as a team meeting or a special company announcement on social media. 

Strategic reasons

Taking the time to settle into a new job and ensure that it aligns with your long-term career goals before sharing your accomplishments with others can be a clever tactic. This approach allows you to gain confidence and establish credibility within your new role before notifying your contacts about career changes.

Personal preference

Do you tend to keep your professional updates private and only share them with close colleagues or friends? That’s totally understandable. Some people may feel uncomfortable broadcasting their achievements to a broader audience. 

Ultimately, whether to inform your network about a promotion or not is a decision that should be made based exclusively on your individual circumstances and preferences. 

What should you include in your job promotion post on LinkedIn? Tips and templates

When updating your LinkedIn profile, your top priority should always be highlighting your key achievements. After all, these are the juicy tidbits that get your connections’ attention!

So, in addition to editing the experience section, consider writing a post announcing your new milestone. Below are some handy tips with templates you can copy and personalize.


How to write a job promotion post on LinkedIn:

  • Emphasize soft skills and thank those who supported you
  • Focus on past accomplishments and future goals
  • Include numbers
  • Add interactive elements where possible

1. Call attention to your soft skills

Emphasizing your ability to collaborate with others, exceptional work ethic, or talent for managing conflicts can demonstrate your value to potential employers or colleagues.


💡 What are soft skills?

Soft skills are personal qualities not tied to any particular job or profession. They are valuable traits that can help individuals thrive in a work environment.


  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Adaptability/Flexibility

Focus on collaborating with others, leading projects, and sharing your knowledge with coworkers. And, of course, thank those who helped you get to your new position (you can even tag people on LinkedIn if they also have an account there). 


Hey everyone! I have exciting news: I’m stepping into a new role at [Company] as a [insert new role]! It’s an incredible opportunity for my career, and I can’t wait to dive in.

I’ve had a fantastic time in my previous position, where I’ve worked for [X number of years], and I’m so grateful for everyone who supported me along the way, especially my fantastic team [@tag name]. You all rock!

My previous position helped me develop crucial skills like leadership and time management. After years of navigating the challenges of the sales world and guiding the marketing department, I am thrilled to apply my knowledge to the new role.

I can’t wait to get to know my new team, help them generate unique ideas, and develop brilliant solutions for our future goals.

Here’s to new beginnings, fresh challenges, and making awesome things happen together! Let’s do this! 💪

Storytelling can also be powerful here, offering a more emotional description of your experience. But I recommend avoiding listing your routine chores in your promotion post. Instead, focus on your primary responsibilities and valuable competencies. 

2. Describe past accomplishments and future aspirations

Your connections will likely be curious about what you have achieved in your previous roles and what you plan on doing next.

Even if there isn’t a specific reason why you got promoted (maybe it was a combination of your creativity, discipline, work ethic, etc.), mentioning any tangible results from your previous positions is still important.

Here’s a simple format to follow:

  • A brief company overview
  • Key accomplishments with results
  • Your plans and ambitions

For example: 


I am happy to announce my promotion to Head of Sales at [Company] ! 😃

It is a great honor to be part of a company that’s driving innovation in the [name of the field] sector. [Company] has quickly become a leader in the industry, with a growing market share and renowned banks among its esteemed clientele.

I am extremely grateful for the unwavering support of my talented team at my former company [Company name]. Their dedication and hard work were the key factors in our success. Together, we’ve driven initiatives that boosted sales revenue by 40% last year and nurtured strategic partnerships, enhancing customer satisfaction along the way.

As I begin my journey in a new role, I’m committed to leading my new team to new achievements. I appreciate their support and look forward to new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

#careergrowth #b2bsales #tech

3. Add interactive elements where possible

Last but not least, let’s talk about adding a little extra oomph to your LinkedIn promotion post. And that’s not just about emojis I’ve used in my previous templates.  

You can attach your photo to the post to make it more personal or link your website or portfolio.

For example:


Promotion alert! 🎉

I’ve recently begun my journey as the Head of Sales role at the [Company]!

This achievement is a testament to the incredible support from my colleagues and the trust of my previous management. Together, we’ve accomplished outstanding milestones, boosting sales and improving ROI by 45%.

Please check out my portfolio if you want to learn more about my experience and book a personal consultation with me: [Your link].

I am so grateful for all the opportunities and people I’ve worked with. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

P.S. Some people have noticed that their posts generate fewer views and less interaction when they include links. So, instead, they choose to add them in the first comment under their post. It can look something like this:


Please check out my portfolio if you want to learn more about my experience and book a free consultation. The link is in the comments below.


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Bottom line

LinkedIn offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, building business relations, and finding prospects to fuel your business growth. By adding promotion to your LinkedIn profile you will enhance your credibility, showcase your expertise, and attract the right people to your doorstep.

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