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As a result of shutting down its operations on LinkedIn, users started looking for alternatives that will be as multifunctional as this platform and yet sync with LinkedIn. 

We’d like to inform you that is still able to get emails from LinkedIn profiles and all systems are operational. We are not planning to shut down our Chrome extension support on Linkedin pages in the near future and have a number of clients who specifically use the extension for this purpose.

In this post, we’ll try to specify what makes one of the best alternatives and how to transfer to it with ease.  

What is

Snovio is an all-in-one marketing and sales automation platform with a free CRM and an abundance of other features for lead generation. Being a relatively new company that started its path in April 2017, already has more than 1 million users, and this number is constantly growing. Every day, more and more people from various backgrounds, professions, and companies install our Chrome extension to find leads.

How can help you?

When it comes to lead generation opportunities, never disappoints. With this service, you can email contacts of quality leads from company websites and social media pages, particularly LinkedIn. But that’s just a drop in the ocean as can automate your cold outreach and accelerate your sales in general.

Just look at how you can use for your business growth:

  • Create and edit custom pipelines that reflect your sales process
  • Create and manage sales deals
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Find an email address of a specific professional
  • Find email addresses of people in bulk
  • Find email addresses associated with a specific company or domain
  • Find email addresses from links to social networking sites
  • Find the email of the best candidate based on their job title, skills, and location
  • Find email addresses of ideal candidates and prospects on LinkedIn
  • Find email addresses on any website
  • Find B2B leads based on their company profile
  • Find contacts based on the technology they use
  • Verify email addresses to ensure high deliverability
  • Manage contact lists of potential prospects
  • Build and send highly personalized automated email campaigns
  • A/B test email campaigns
  • Send bulk emails in Gmail
  • Track when leads open your emails and follow links
  • Integrate with other CRMs and online tools
  • Use API for developers

You can find more information about all these perks in our blog post.

What makes one of the most popular alternatives?

Now let’s look at features that give it a competitive advantage over other alternatives.

Abundance of email-finding options

Snovio is a tool that combines multiple features like: 

  • Single and Bulk Email Search
  • Single and Bulk Domain Search 
  • Social URL Search 
  • Database Search.

All email lookup operations are followed by real-time email verification, so you can be sure the emails you’ll get are valid. 

On top of that, offers free Chrome extensions – Email Finder and LI Prospect Finder. With the Email Finder extension, you can search emails anywhere on the web. At the same time, Li Prospect Finder allows getting prospect’s emails right from LinkedIn, something and many alternatives can no longer do. 

You can get more information about different email finders in one of our recent articles, where you’ll find a comparative table of their features and pricing. Email Finder banner


Unlike and its many alternatives, features don’t boil down to email finding, verification, and email outreach. is a sales CRM using which you can build and organize your sales process from the beginning to the end, with full transparency to your sales team, lead management opportunities, and sales cycle analytics.

And now, the tool can boast a new Email Warm-up feature, which is bound to help new email users start their email marketing journey and grow the email deliverability of those who aren’t new to email outreach but experienced certain challenges with sender reputation and email open rates..


Let’s now look back at all features I’ve just described and imagine you’re getting them all at a price lower than offers for only email finding and outreach, whereby a sales CRM goes as a completely free addition to any plan you purchase. Seems like a real bargain, doesn’t it? vs compared

How to transfer to

If you feel convinced to switch to for email lookup (it’s high time 😉), start by installing the Email Finder tool and then select how you’d like to search for emails and contact information. 

Start with a free plan

If you aren’t sure of the workload and number of leads you need to find, you can start using Snovio for free for test purposes to see what plan works the best and how many credits are necessary for your lead search. 

Consider pricing plans offers pricing plans that will meet any lead generation purposes, from a Starter plan with 1,000 credits to a Pro100 plan that offers 100,000 credits. pricing plans are open and transparent. We offer cheaper rates with more credits for email search. 

What is more, there is no limit for exporting the leads to CSV – this function is available with all of our plans. No credits will be taken if you just look for prospects – only when they are saved to your contact list. 


And don’t forget that you’ll get a full-functioning CRM integrated into your account for free no matter what plan you choose.

Learn about credit limitation

There is no limit on how many leads you can get or the number of searches performed per day for paid plans. As for our forever free plan, it is limited to 50 credits you can spend to check how the product works and see its important features in action.

Contact the support team support team is available to answer any questions regarding product usage and helps fix any issues that may arise. We are always open to your suggestions and will do our best to implement them whenever possible. Many of our new features appeared owing to our customer feedback.

We know that transitioning from one product to another may seem hectic, so Snovio is committed to making the transfer as easy and smooth as possible.

Let us know if you have any questions by sending an email to or leaving your comments here. is waiting for you! CRM banner

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  1. Nice advice for getting new leads, As now we have new tools for increase our business reach and find new prospect it’s become very easy for us to run sales campaign. I have used few tools like this and it’s helped me a lot

  2. Good work, I too have used similar platforms like and it’s do have pretty much similar features like domain search, phone search, bulk email verification.

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