How To Move From To

How To Move From To

Many probably got a message from telling about their extension operations on LinkedIn being stopped. As a result of shutting down Linkedin integration and interaction with their products, we received multiple questions on what will happen to, whether or not we are going to carry on working with LI, what we can offer and how to transfer. In this post you will find the answers.

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We’d like to inform you that we are still able to get emails from LinkedIn profiles, all systems are operational. We are not planning to shut down our Chrome extension support on Linkedin pages in the near future and have a number of clients who specifically use Snovio extension for this purpose.

What is

Snovio is a tool that combines multiple features like Domain Search (you enter domain we return emails), LinkedIn Email search, Prospect Search, Company Profile search, Linker (boolean search) and Email Verifier. Snovio is a relatively new company that started its path in April 2017 and, nevertheless, has more than 5000 users as per now and this number is constantly growing. Every day more and more people from various backgrounds, professions, and companies install our Chrome extension to find leads.

How can help you?

  • Use LinkedIn search to get emails and other information such as company name, job position, company size, industry and link to the social profile
  • We verify each email we find for a LinkedIn profile for free. We seem to deliver fewer bounces than Hunter used to give
  • By typing the domain name in domain search line you will find all emails associated with it
  • We verify emails you upload
  • Linker (boolean search) will help you narrow down your search results by excluding particular words, skills and picking a particular location
  • Find emails from any website as you browse them in Chrome and clicking our extension button

How to start the transition?

Begin with installing Email Finder tool, then select how you’d like to search for the emails and contact information. The free plan includes 50 credits. offers pricing plans that will meet any lead generation purposes, from a forever free plan with 50 credits to an XXL plan that offers 100,000 credits.

If you aren’t sure of the workload and number of leads you need to find, you can start using Snovio for test purposes to see what plan works the best and how many credits are necessary for your lead search.

Credits limitation

There is no limit as to how many leads you can get or the number of searches that can be performed per day for paid plans. Forever free plan is limited to 150 credits and serves for test purposes so that users can check how the product works and to see all important features in action.


Snovio pricing plans are open and transparent. We offer cheaper rates with more credits for emails search. More to it, there is no limit for exporting the leads to CSV – this function is available with all of our plans. No credits will be taken for looking for prospects – only when they are saved to contact list.

Fast Support

Our support team is available to answer any questions regarding product usage and helps to fix any feature that is not performing as expected. We are always open to your suggestions and will do our best to implement them whenever it is possible. Many of new features that we recently introduced are based on feedback from our users.

We know that transition from one product to another may seem hectic, so Snovio is committed to do all the best to make the migration as easy and smooth as possible.

Let us know if you have any questions by sending us an email, writing directly to the Intercom or by leaving your comments here.


  1. Nice advice for getting new leads, As now we have new tools for increase our business reach and find new prospect it’s become very easy for us to run sales campaign. I have used few tools like this and it’s helped me a lot

  2. Good work, I too have used similar platforms like and it’s do have pretty much similar features like domain search, phone search, bulk email verification.

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