Streamline Email Personalization With Hyperise And Email Drip Campaigns

No matter what email outreach trends you’ll be trying to follow, you’ll eventually come to the evergreen one — personalization. I’ll never stop repeating that personalization is the king when it comes to email marketing. And it’s a fact that personalized emails deliver 6 times (!) higher engagement

We’ve covered email personalization in several previous blog posts. In this article, we’ll talk about how to maximize your email outreach personalization with a combination of two tools — Hyperise and 

What is Hyperise?

Hyperise is the toolkit that helps you personalize images used in your email campaigns, messages on LinkedIn and Facebook, and chatbots.

Besides, the software allows personalizing your landing pages (text, images, and CTAs) and helps create personalized postcard images with QRs you can then connect to personalized websites.

What is Hyperise?

Highly praised by B2B companies, this service offers the following features:

Image personalization

The feature Hyperise is the most famous for!

The tool allows adding personalization layers to your images, which you can either edit from your website or create with Hyperise online editor. There are 16 (!) points of personalization. Impressive, isn’t it? 🙂

You can add dynamic text layers like your prospect’s first and last name, gender, company name, job title, phone number, website, and address. On top of it, you can also add profile images, logos, website and app screenshots, pinned map locations, and even personalized QR codes. 

Use these images on your website, in your email campaigns, chatbots, ads, videos, for your social outreach, and on other channels.

Possibilities are endless!

Video personalization

With Hyperise, you can personalize your videos that you’ll embed into your website or email. All you need to do is to upload your video (or choose a video template to edit), add personalization layers (just like with personalized images) and interactive buttons, and place the personalized video on your landing page or in your email. 

Website personalization

Hyperise’s Chrome extension lets you personalize your website’s text, images, and CTAs without coding. You can create an unlimited number of personalization segments using firmographic data such as business category, job title, revenue, and the number of employees.

Prospect data enrichment

Besides, the tool allows you to enrich prospect and business data from emails, domains, IPs of anonymous visitors to your website, your CRM, and 100s of other sources for your personalization purposes. 


Hyperise has about 1,000 integration possibilities with your favorite tools for sales and marketing automation, email marketing software, chatbots, CRMs, LinkedIn automation tools, recruitment software, and many more. Because of its powerful integrations, Hyperise can help you personalize every stage of your sales funnel. 

Sounds exciting? We’ll explain how to use some of these features later on, so read on!

Hyperise pricing

Hyperise offers three plans: image personalization will cost you $49 per user per month. If you are interested in website personalization, you’ll need to pay $99 per month. A video personalization plan costs $149 per month. 

Besides, Hyperise has a 14-day free trial for you to test its potential, without any credit card needed. 

Now that you know what Hyperise is and what features it offers, let’s focus on its image personalization feature and learn how you can streamline your email outreach personalization and increase email conversion rate with a powerful combo. 

How to use Hyperise with Email Drip Campaigns

With so many integration possibilities Hyperise offers, we couldn’t pass by its integration with Using Hyperise and Email Drip Campaigns in sync, you can bring your email outreach personalization to a more advanced level. 

Let’s start with creating a personalized image. 

How to create a personalized image in Hyperise

To start off, log in to your Hyperise account and click the Create New Image button at the bottom of the page to get to the dynamic image editor where you’ll be able to play with personalization layers. Remember there’s plenty of them to choose from? 

How to create a personalized image in Hyperise

Adding Image element

Now it’s time to add an image. Just find the Image element in the menu on the left and drag it onto the canvas. You’ll see the option to either upload your background image or choose one from the many stock images in the gallery. 

Adding Image element

Customize it, stretch it, crop it to your liking! 

Adding Image element

Adding Text element to the image

Let’s play with text variables next.

Drag the Text element onto your image, format it in Text Settings, and add personalized variables in Merge Tags.

Adding Text element

Then navigate to Text Defaults at the bottom of Text Settings and fill in a word or a phrase you want to appear in your image if your recipient lacks the information necessary to complete the variable. 

For instance, you can put “Friend” as the fallback value for the first name variable. Or get creative with it! We here at like using “Snovian” 🙂

Adding Text element

Adding Website and Logo elements to the image

If you want your image to display your recipient’s company website or logo, simply drag these elements onto your image. 

Make sure the prospects you have in your account have the corresponding custom fields filled. Otherwise, go to Website/Logo Settings and choose the default picture in the Image Library that will be depicted if the needed information is missing. 

Adding Website and Logo elements to the image

Take your time and explore other element options! Once your image is ready for the campaign, click Save

How to use personalized images in your Email Drip Campaigns 

Now that you’ve created the image you’ll add to your email campaign, it’s time to connect Hyperise to and insert it into your email. 

Step 1. Add as an integration.

Step 2. Click Get image code, select, and copy the Image code. At this point, also make sure the Live mode in the top right corner is enabled. 

How to use personalized images in your Email Drip Campaigns

Step 3. In your account, go to your drip campaign, click on the Email element, create an email, and paste the copied link of the image to the source code:

source code inserting into the email

Ready, set, go! You can now save and start your campaign. Learn how to launch it in in no time! 

If any of your prospects have missing variables, the campaign won’t be launched for them. You’ll need to fill in the custom fields manually in the To Check tab. Then click Save and Send or Send without checking, and your prospects will see the fallback value.

Keep in mind: if you’d like to send a test email first, you will see default values. 

Emails with personalized images, like the one we’ve just created with Hyperise and will catch your recipients’ attention, boost conversions, and improve your customer experience in general. 

Other ways you can use Hyperise

There are other possibilities you can use Hyperise in case email is not your outreach option or you are not using any email marketing tool. 

Communication in Gmail 

Even if you are not sending bulk emails, Hyperise personalization options can still come in handy. Use personalized images right in Gmail, for example, to send a ‘Thank you’ message to a person you are building a relationship with, whether it’s an influencer or a cold lead you are trying to warm up. 

To do this, install the Hyperise Chrome extension and choose among the available templates. 

Communication in Gmail 

LinkedIn and Facebook outreach

If you are more of a LinkedIn/Facebook outreach guy, don’t worry. Hyperise allows you to hyper-personalize your prospecting and outreach there as well by adding personalized images to your messages.

You can automate your personalized LinkedIn outreach with Expandi, LinkedHelper, or other LinkedIn automation tools Hyperise has integration with. 

There are detailed instructions for each platform in Hyperise’s knowledge base. For example, to include personalized images in your LinkedIn messages using LinkedHelper, you will need to copy the image code from Hyperise and paste it to the message template in LinkedHelper. As easy as that!

LinkedIn outreach
Source: Hyperise

Chatbot communication

Whenever you engage with your website visitors through chatbots, Hyperise allows visualizing your responses with personalized images. 

These are the integrations available:

Chatbot communication

Any other personalization tools like Hyperise?

Hyperise is now one of the best tools for image personalization in the B2B market. It has a rich set of features and can be applied to various communication channels. 

But if you feel you need another solution and are interested in Hyperise alternatives, we’ll gladly provide you with three tools that offer more or less the same functionality. Feel free to decide which one to use for your outreach campaigns

1. Niftyimages

NiftyImages focuses on personalized images for Pinterest, Instagram, and email. Like Hyperise, it suits marketing campaigns well; however, you’ll hardly use it throughout the entire sales funnel. 


Key features: 

  • Personalized images with intelligent content. The tool allows programming images so that their content changes depending on the recipient’s day and time, device, geotargeting, etc.
  • Can be used on heavy-image websites like Pinterest and Instagram.
  • 100+ templates for your convenient start. 
  • Integration with any email service provider. 

Price: Free trial for 10,000 opens. Paid plans start at $20 per month.

2. PicSnippets

PicSnippets offers image personalization on any platform that allows HTML. You can add personalized images to your existing email, text, messenger, and sales campaigns.


Key features:

  • Pixel-perfect, drag-and-drop editor that allows you to customize your image to the needs of your brand.
  • 100+ templates for different types of messages. 
  • Can be used for various communication channels.

Price: Paid plans start at $27 per month and include a 10-day free trial (requires credit card details). 

3. Lemlist

Although not a pure image personalization tool, this cold outreach platform offers personalized images as one of its components. Let’s discuss what image personalization from Lemlist is.


Key features:

  • Images with personalized text, prospect’s company logo, LinkedIn, and website screenshots.
  • Image templates.
  • Personalized video thumbnails with a personalized text and play button. 
  • Data enrichment.

However, in comparison to Hyperise, Lemlist personalized images can be used only for emails. 

Price: Starts at $29 per month and includes a 14-day free trial. 

If you compare Hyperise to its alternatives, you’ll notice that it provides a longer list of features. Still, the choice is yours. 

personalization tools
Source: Hyperise

Wrapping up 

When it comes to email outreach, personalization is the first thing you should think about. People don’t need your emails as much as they need something that will solve their pain points peppered with your special attitude.

Luckily, you’ve just got the idea of how to make your email messages more personalized — the combination of Hyperise and Email Drip Campaigns will let you shine in your prospect’s inbox. 

Need a tool to help you with your outreach process from the beginning till the end? is on for free!

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