Lead generation specialist

No matter what kind of product/service your business provides, a well-organized marketing and sales strategy is a driving force behind increased revenue and customer satisfaction. And lead generation specialists play an essential role in achieving this strategic plan. 

Let’s find out who lead generation specialists are and how they can benefit your company.

Lead generation specialist definition

Lead generation is the process of attracting people potentially interested in buying your company’s product/service with the goal of converting them into paying customers. It corresponds to the first stage of the customer journey — the awareness stage. 

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A lead generation specialist is an expert who helps businesses bring in and qualify more prospects to increase business growth. They typically work in marketing or sales teams in B2B companies but can also function on a freelance basis.

A lead generation specialist assists companies in getting more leads and growing the number of prospects at the first stage of the sales funnel. The team’s marketers and sales reps then develop a strategy to nurture these leads and drive them through the next stages of the funnel, ultimately converting them into paying customers.

Why should you hire a lead generation specialist?

The goal of every business is to close a deal and make a profit. Hiring a lead generation specialist is one of the ways to accomplish it. 

B2B companies employ top lead generation specialists to balance the work of sales and marketing teams. The number of leads forwarded to the sales team might be too large for sales reps to process. Or conversely, there might not be enough leads at the top of the funnel for your sales team to achieve their goals.

This can make it difficult for the sales department to close deals at the same speed. Lead generation specialists help solve this problem by generating leads via various marketing channels, warming them up, and then passing hot leads to the sales team for faster deal closure.

What does a lead generation specialist do?

The lead gen specialist job mainly concentrates on outbound lead generation, particularly finding and contacting ideal customers. However, there are a few more responsibilities they have: 

  • Prospect research
    Lead generation experts have to develop a strategy for reaching potential clients. To do it, it’s necessary to define the customer’s pain points and create a sales pitch based on the information collected. In the end, this is needed to establish relationships with decision-makers.
  • Prospect contacting
    Reaching out to candidates via calls or emails is another element of the lead gen specialist’s duty. They are responsible for managing demos and mailing follow-ups.
  • Lead qualification
    This job involves using lead qualification methodologies to evaluate if prospects are a good fit for the company and are ready to purchase the product/service. Learn how to qualify leads in our step-by-step lead qualification guide 🤓.
  • Lead base management
    Once targeted leads are added to prospects lists, lead generation specialists ensure all the information in the database is valid, which frequently involves updating customers’ contact details, making notes, creating segments, and more.

Lead generation specialist skills

Lead generation specialists need to possess a special set of skills and expertise to succeed in the chosen field. The most essential of them are the following:

  • Communication skills
    The lead gen expert should have excellent communication skills to maintain a conversation, build rapport with a client, and collect the necessary information.
  • Sales and marketing skills
    Even though they work at the top of the funnel, lead generation specialists should know how the sales process works and which steps the prospect takes to become a customer.
  • Analytical skills
    Lead generation experts should likewise have analytical skills for problem-solving and data gathering. Their job includes dealing with lead generation metrics, such as conversion rate, MQL, churn rate, and more. By understanding them, lead gen specialists can effectively control their time and focus on high-quality leads.
  • Tech skills
    Lead generation specialists must determine the customer’s pain points and illustrate how their solution can solve these problems. With a technical background, the lead gen specialist can explain the essence of things to the buyer in easy words. Besides, they should also know how to use lead generation tools. 
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Wrapping it up

Lead generation specialists are significant for any business as they deal with lead generation responsibilities, help convert prospects, and bring more revenue. A lead generation expert will help you equalize the sales process to avoid problems with the load or lack of leads. If you want to increase your income and take control of your future company’s success, consider expanding your team with a new expert.

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