Failure to log in with a Gmail or Google Workspace account - January 2020 (Resolved)

Can’t log into your account by entering your email and password? There may be several reasons for the login issue: incorrect password or a compromised account (which is unlikely). The issue may also be on our server side.


If you have initially registered on by signing in with Google and later reset your password to log in through email and password, your password has now been automatically reset. This has been caused by a Google security check we’re undergoing at the moment.

This is a mandatory procedure for all services that can access Gmail or Google Workspace accounts. We are halfway through it now and are currently updating the service to match Google security standards.

Please note, if you have initially registered by signing in with Google, you can still sign in with Google despite the password reset.


If you want to be able to log in by entering your email and password, you will have to reset it by using the Forgot Your Password option:

  • Click on Forgot Your Password?
  • Type in the email address you’ve signed in through and click Restore.
  • Proceed with the link we’ve sent to your Gmail. After confirming the new password, try signing in with your email and new password.
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