How to manually fill in missing variables

With, you can optimize your email drip campaign personalization by adding variables. However, if you launch a campaign with undefined variables, you will see the To-Check tab.

The To-Check tab is a tab in Email Drip Campaigns where prospects with missing variables appear when you try to launch the campaign. Here’s how to use the To-Check tab and fill in the missing variables. 

If you’re sending an email drip campaign to prospects without the necessary variables, your contacts will appear in the To-Check tab right in the campaign dashboard. Click on it.  

Here you can fill in undefined variables(1) or choose the needed data from the proposed variants(2).

Alternatively, you can click the Send without checking button(3), and your campaign will be sent with the fallback data. Check what a fallback is and how it works here

Please note that if the prospect has several job positions, the top position will be used in the Position column. 

Once the variables are filled in, click the Save and Send button, and your contacts will be added to the sending queue.

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