How to set up your custom tracking domain

Setting up a custom tracking domain will improve your email deliverability and boost the chances of your emails landing in the recipient’s inbox. The reason for this is because the links in your emails will refer to your domain instead of a generic one uses by default. 

You can set a custom tracking domain without any effort in your account. It can be used for:

  • Email open tracking
  • Email link click tracking
  • Unsubscribe link clicks for users who want to opt-out of your drip campaigns

Here are a few steps you can follow to set your custom tracking domain:

You will need a subdomain that will be used for tracking purposes. You can register it through a domain registrar or use a pre-existing one. Here’s some of the most popular domain registrars you can use: GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, and

Step 1. Open your domain’s settings panel to create a new record. 

  • In the TYPE field, select CNAME.
  • In the HOST or NAME field, insert your desired subdomain or domain name, e.g.,  
  • In the VALUE or POINTS TO field, insert — it’s a’s tracking domain that you need to connect to.

Please note that each domain provider has a different interface, that’s why you may not have the same field names as above. Check out the tutorials on how to create a CNAME record for a specific domain provider:

It may take some time for the DNS (Domain Name System) to update the settings for your domain. The waiting time may differ from several minutes to 72 hours — but this is only in extreme cases.

To check the DNS propagation, go to and see domain information from DNS servers located all over the world. To do it, type in your subdomain in the search field, e.g.,, choose the type – CNAME, and click Search.

If the DNS has spread globally, go to settings and add the domain or subdomain to your email account.

Alternatively, you can contact your system administrator to help you with the settings. 

Step 2. Go to your account. In the Email Accounts tab, select an email account and click the edit icon. 

Step 3. Tick Use a custom tracking domain at the bottom of the page. 

Now add the domain or subdomain you want to use for tracking, e.g.,, and click Save Settings.

The system will check the domain’s CNAME record and save settings if it’s set correctly.

Don’t worry if the address is not recognized by the App, it just means that the DNS hasn’t been updated yet and doesn’t include your domain’s new settings. Please wait for another hour and try again.

Once recognizes your domain, all emails sent via from this specific email account will use your custom domain for tracking email opens, link clicks, and unsubscribe. 

Check out our video guide on how to set up your custom tracking domain:

Learn why link tracking can negatively affect your deliverability.

Happy sending!

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