Is compliant with the GDPR?

While providing services to clients and processing personal data, we adhere to the provisions and requirements of the GDPR. We undertake the best possible measures to ensure GDPR compliance from our side.

How does comply with the GDPR?

We process all personal data according to a particular lawful basis for processing provided under the GDPR. Namely, we rely on such basis for personal data processing as:

  • consent of the data subject
  • performance of a contract
  • legal obligation
  • legitimate interest

You can find more information about this here or by accessing our Privacy Policy.

We also undertake appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure effective protection of personal data. For example, we limit access to the personal data for our employees and contractors according to their competence level and conduct regular privacy training for our team members.

When it comes to technical measures, we encrypt and pseudonymise the personal data we process, have firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware software, as well as fraud prevention algorithms put in place, and conduct regular security checks.

You may read more information about our security measures here.

We pay great attention to every request and message from our clients and third-party data subjects. We do our best to manage and fulfill all the requests and messages we receive as fast as possible. Any data subject may contact us to exercise their rights under the GDPR via email address or the chat window available at the lower right corner of every web-page on Snovio’s website.  

Are’s lead generation tools and extensions compliant with the GDPR?

Yes. provides such lead generation tools as: 

  • Single and Bulk Email Search 
  • individual and Bulk Domain Search 
  • Social URL Search
  • individual and Bulk Email Verification 
  • Email Finder and LI Prospect Finder extensions

We also provide several other extensions that facilitate our users’ work: Email Tracker, Email Verifier, GBlast, and Technology Checker. You can check the categories of personal data processed by these extensions in our Privacy Policy

When our users activate any of the lead generation tools or extensions we provide, thereby ordering us to collect and process third-party personal data, we act as a data processor that processes personal data provided by the client or is gathered on the client’s demand. We act according to the client’s instructions during such personal data processing.

The only exception to this rule is the storage of gathered personal data: in this processing activity, our clients and act as joint data controllers.

The processing of personal data via our lead generation tools or extensions is based on the necessity to perform a contract with the client and the legitimate interests of, our clients, and third persons whose personal data is processed. You can find more information about this in our Privacy Policy.

During such personal data processing, undertakes necessary organizational and technical measures to secure the processing of the personal data specified above.

Therefore, the lead generation tools provided by are compliant with the GDPR as they process the personal data on a lawful basis provided under the GDPR. Moreover, undertakes appropriate measures to secure such processing.

If you have any other questions about platform, don’t hesitate to contact us at or via live chat. 

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