Refund policy

Refunds on monthly plans

According to our Terms&Conditions, we do not offer partial or full refunds for monthly subscription payments.

We invite you to register a free trial account and try out our solutions before upgrading to a paid version.

The non-refundable policy may not apply to the following cases:

  • you forgot to cancel automatic renewal and have not used your account quotas (credits or recipients)
  • you believe you were charged without your permission and have not used our service since

Refunds on annual plans

You may request a prorated refund for remaining months of your annual subscription if you decide to cancel.

You can get a full or a partial refund on the purchased plan depending on the reason for the refund and whether or not you have used it.
If approved, refund can only be provided on the unused months of the plan.

All used months will be subtracted from the refund in full (without the discount). For example, if you purchase an annual S plan for $396, use it for 2 months and want to get a refund, we will subtract $39 (not $33) for each used month from the $396 refund.

Refund formula does not take into account any discounts applied during purchase (regular discount for yearly plans, coupons or time-limited offers).

If you would like to request a refund, please contact our customer care team and we will review your request individually.

We are happy to hear your concerns at or the live-support chat.

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