About refund policy

Find out how Snov.io handles refunds in this article.

Purchases you make at Snov.io are final and not refundable.

We want you to be satisfied with Snov.io, and we will go to great lengths to address any concerns or issues that prompt you to request a refund.

Refunds on monthly plans

According to our Terms&Conditions, we do not offer partial or full refunds for monthly subscription fees.

We invite you to register a free Trial account and try out our solutions before upgrading to a paid version.

There may be exceptions to the non-refundable policy in the following cases:

  • you forgot to cancel automatic renewal and have not used your account quotas (credits or recipients)
  • you believe you were charged without your permission and have not used our service since

 Talk with our support team to discuss options and solutions to keep your account active.

 Refunds on annual plans

We do not process refund requests for annual plans.

We are happy to answer your questions concerning our return policy at help@snov.io or the live-support chat.

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