XS plan: free version packed with benefits

You can’t go wrong getting something for free, can you? On top of that, it’s always pleasing. gives a free version for all new subscribers to explore our features in detail and experience the software first-hand.

You get your renewable XS plan immediately after registering an account with

We invite you to delve into our software for free and try out a range of tools:

Email Finder and LI Prospect Finder

Email Verifier

Email Drip Campaigns CRM system

To give you a sense of what is possible on a free version, here’s a list of the things you can do:

  • Run 150 Single Domain searches or get 150 prospect profiles from LinkedIn 
  • Verify 300 email addresses and find out their status
  • Send automated sequences of multiple emails to 100 recipients 
  • Create deals and assign tasks in multi-stage CRM
  • Invite team members

However, there are features exclusive to paid subscribers

Bulk email searches

Upload a list of domains or social URLs and fill your lead base in minutes.

Bulk email verification

Clean your email lists with a 7-tier verification method.

Data export

Download your prospect lists in a preferred format (CSV, XLS, Google Sheet).

A/B testing in Email Drip Campaigns

Experiment with your email copies and test which one is more effective.


Connect to almost any app via Zapier or Integromat and create flawless automation scenarios. Take advantage of native integrations with Pipedrive, Calendly, LinkedIn Helper, and more. API

Integrate directly into your platform and retrieve email addresses from our database.

Email Warm-up (coming soon)

Prepare your email account for successful outreach, fix deliverability issues, improve your inbox placement, and improve sender reputation.

Extended Teamwork features

Share prospect lists, do-not-send lists, and track team member performance.

Get your subscription, unlock a complete set of tools to fill your lead base, start engaging with clients via Email Drip Campaigns, and manage customer interactions through the CRM functionality.

Create your account with to get access!

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