What is Snov.io CRM

Snov.io’s free CRM functionality lets you organize your sales and improve conversions:

Besides, all existing Snov.io tools can be used with Snov.io CRM, meaning you don’t need to buy additional tools for prospecting or outreach. Snov.io CRM is completely free and included on all plans from Trial to Pro.

Snov.io CRM pipeline
Snov.io CRM pipeline example

Watch a quick Snov.io CRM overview:

Snov.io CRM is available to all registered users. To get access to it, you just need to sign up or log into your Snov.io account and start creating deals in the Deals tab.

If you have a Pro 5K plan or higher, you can use a CRM system with unlimited Teamwork feature. This will give you the opportunity to share leads, notes and analyze results with your team. Find out more about using Snov.io CRM as a Team.

You can add up to 20 customizable pipelines in your CRM. Each pipeline can contain up to 100 stages. Overall, you can have up to 10,000 active deals in your account at a time. A deal can also be customized and contain 10 field groups and up to 200 custom fields.

Learn how to create your first Deal

Check out our frequently asked questions about Snov.io CRM or contact our Customer Care team at help@snov.io or via live chat with any questions about Snov.io CRM. We’re always here to help! 

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