Hugo José Amaral do Nascimento is a complete tool that delivers what it promises.

Hugo José Amaral do Nascimento

Market Intelligence Manager, DPO, Partner at Grupo Escalar

Hugo José Amaral do Nascimento
Market Intelligence Manager, DPO, Partner at Grupo Escalar
About company

Grupo Escalar is an expert in B2B lead generation. The company professionally generates leads for clients through active outbound prospecting. They serve dozens of customers throughout Brazil and renowned brands with international operations. Grupo Escalar has more than five years in the market and a team with more than 23 employees, with several open positions.

The challenge

Our company depends on reliable data provided to our clients. In the past, we had great difficulty finding verified, high-quality data. Many tools we used were unreliable sources, so we needed extra time performing validations.

With, we have drastically reduced the time spent on validation. And when a data check is still necessary, we can perform it using the email verification tool.

We are fascinated by the prospecting process with

The solution

We finally found the tool that solves so many pains for us at once:

  • finds relevant leads;
  • provides high-quality, accurate data;
  • helps design a more efficient workflow and improve an onboarding process.

At Grupo Escalar, we are fascinated by the prospecting process with

We use Email Finder Chrome extensions to extract emails from LinkedIn and other websites. These tools help us quickly find potential customers and companies relevant to our ideal customer profile. One of the best things about outbound lead generation with is that we are confident about the results. outpaces other alternatives on the market with its large B2B leads database and through verification process.

We also use Bulk Email Verification to validate lists of leads that have been out of work for a long time. This simple trick takes only minutes but keeps our database clean and up-to-date.

Another tool offers for making the first contact with leads is Email Drip Campaigns. We especially love the possibility of A/B testing various email contents during the campaign. Filled with personalized options and behavioral triggers, the tool helps us stand out in our leads’ inboxes and get better results.

One more handy tool is Technology Checker: we use it to map companies that are a good fit for certain customers' products.

Our team also enjoys simple, transparent data management and export. has it all for our day-to-day operations, making them smoother, more organized, and less stressful.

This spectrum of tools provides incredible results while demonstrating excellent user experience and toolset simplicity. All our newcomers quickly become fluent in using

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The results

With the use of, we have increased the quality of generated lead data by 40%. We reduced working time spent on data cleaning and processing by 17%. Moreover, we got the hang of managing non-expiring credits and were able to reduce the costs of the extraction operation by more than 15%.

increased lead quality
by 40%
reduced time and effort spent on list management
by 17%
reduced prospecting costs
by more than 15%

The experience

It’s safe to say that is a complete toolset that delivers what it promises. Besides an excellent, sales-relevant toolset, offers the fastest and most understanding Help Center I’ve ever seen so far. Definitely a must-go if you intend to revamp your sales fast and hassle-free.

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