Reverse Email Lookup Tools And Methods: How To Choose The Right One

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Building bridges with leads is a tough task when all you have is their email addresses. To create a meaningful connection, you need to have more information about the lead without asking them directly. 

This is where email reverse search tools will help you – you can use a number of methods and services to search for additional information on the lead using just their email address. Let’s take a look at some of the best reverse email lookup tools and how to choose one for your business.


How reverse email search tools work

A reverse email lookup tool is an instrument that helps in searching for a person’s detailed data using only their email address. The operating principle is simple: you type in the email address you are interested in, wait for the tool to perform the search, and collect the results. The instrument provides you with all kinds of public information it finds on the web: 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country/Locality
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • Photos, etc.

Obviously, if the email is fake or invalid, you won’t find any data. Which is why you need an email checker to verify email addresses before performing a reverse search.

Reverse email search services and methods

There are many solutions, but picking the right one can get tricky.
Some of them are expensive, others are free, some are software that perform bulk search, others are manual input methods for individual search. So which should you choose?
It all depends on your goals and resources.

Manual search takes dedication and is a time-consuming option, as you have to go through the whole process of data search on your own. This method will not work for a business looking for data in bulk. At the same time, powerful bulk tools may be too big and expensive for smaller businesses and one-person-companies. Let’s analyze all the best reverse email lookup tools and methods for needs big and small.

I have an email list but no personal data

If time is of the essence and manual lookup doesn’t work for you, there are reverse search tools that access public databases and search for contacts attached to the email addresses. 

These email address lookup tools work in most cases; if a person has left their info on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or has a profile on e-commerce services like Amazon, you will find the data you need.

The most popular search services are Pipl, Social Catfish, Spokeo, and EmailSherlock. All of them are paid, but Pipl offers you free one-by-one search. . 

Each reverse search tool provides different features depending on the plan you choose. One of the cons of paid services is that you won’t find out if the search is successful until you pay. 

I need personal data on-the-go when composing an email 

If you’ve already started composing an email and realized you have no information on the recipient at all, some email clients can help you out by working as email reverse search tools in some capacity.

To find a name in Outlook, click the email owner’s Outlook profile and you will see their details including name and social profile links. If they don’t have any social links in their Outlook profile, you can still at least see their name in the profile.

Mac users should consider using Polymail. This amazing email client displays the email owner’s profile right next to their email address. MailBird is a great alternative to Microsoft Outlook for Windows users.

I need a tool right in my browser

Even among Chrome extensions, you can find a reverse email lookup tool. They are a solid choice, as they are easy to install and use. The extension shows the information about the sender, like their name, social profiles and other public info when you click on an email. 

An example of such a service would be LinkedIn Sales Navigator, an extension that gives you all the information on the sender right next to their email address. This is a LinkedIn browser extension, but the reviews in recent months have been… Well, you can look through them yourself and make your own decision. You can also use FullContact for Gmail as an alternative.

Although these are great and user-friendly email address lookup tools, they are usually a bare-bones service with limited options. Besides, some of them require a paid plan, which isn’t great when you only need to check a couple of email addresses.  

I need company data

If you know which company or companies you need to find info on, you can take advantage of’s company search feature. To do this, create a free account on and choose the Company Profile Search feature. 

This reverse email lookup tool will help you find a complete company profile, including the names and professional emails of the employees. You can search for companies by:

  • company name
  • country and city
  • industry
  • company size
  • founding date
  • specialties
  • a combination of any of the above

After the search, you will get a list of companies that fit the filters, with company name and their website. You can go to the company’s profile page and see all the publicly available information about it. This makes it especially easy to find the necessary contact for B2B sales in companies with 100+ employees.

Choose the right email reverse search tool

Reverse email search tools and methods come in many shapes and forms, making it easy for any business to enrich its data and create better-targeted campaigns. 

And better targeting means better conversions. Why not try sending a highly targeted email drip campaign right now? Take advantage of custom personalization and triggers and automate your email outreach.

Happy sending and don’t forget thoroughly check your campaigns with these email testing tools!

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