Happy Holidays From All Of Us At Snovio

Phew! We did it!

This year has been so amazing for all of us – we have launched so many new tools and features, visited the world’s biggest conferences, grew our Snov.io team, and met so many of you! We’re eternally grateful for all your love and support. We will continue to grow and improve in 2019, and yes, we already have a few surprises lined up for 2019 ?

Our plans for 2019

While we obviously can not disclose all the details at the moment, we can share some. Probably the most exciting update is new localization: we can confirm that Snov.io will soon be translated to Brazilian Portuguese!

If you’re working with a team, we’ll have an improvement for you too. As you know, currently you can share your account with other team members. In 2019, we will roll out a complete Teamwork feature. You’ll be able to appoint lists and campaigns, and control your whole team’s work from your account.

Numerous new features for Drip Campaigns will be added next year, including campaign scheduling, templates, and many others. And, of course, probably the most anticipated update is custom SMTP! This year you could only send emails with Snov.io using your Gmail, but we’re ready to take campaigns to the next level.

We’ve also heard all of your requests and we’re pleased to announce CRM features will be added in 2019! Which ones? That’s a secret for now…

Snov.io A/B testing will also be released next year: you’ll be able to test anything without leaving the platform to reach the best results possible.  

Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zapier integrations are also coming… Yes, that’s a lot of updates!

You’ll also be able to catch our team at Collision 2019 in Toronto! 25,000 attendees, 3000+ CEOs and 5000+ companies from over 120 countries… we don’t know about you, but we’re excited. See you in Toronto May 20-23!

In case you missed it…

…2018 has been pretty eventful as well!

To begin, in 2018 we grew to 140,000+ users and we’re steadily approaching 150k! We’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our service.

In smaller news, now you can Sign Up and Log In via your Google account. This made it easier to start with Snov.io and after seeing such an increase in registrations, we’ve updated our Terms and Conditions to make sure our service is safer.

If you’re still not with us, that’s alright – the team is working hard on creating comprehensive Snov.io Competitors pages to help you make an educated decision. So far we’ve created two – Email Finder Competitors and Email Verifier Competitors. So, if you’re still undecided, take a look at those to dispel any doubts.

And don’t forget, our New Year deal is still active until January 2nd. Don’t miss your chance and get your discount now!

But that’s not all! We have improved our existing tools and created new ones!

Read on for more detailed info on updates for every tool.

Email Finder

Email Verifier

Email Drip Campaigns

Email Tracker

Technology Checker

Email Finder

Available as a webapp, Chrome extension, and API, Email Verifier is the crown jewel of the Snov.io platform. And in 2018 it became even better:

  • We have added statistics collection and transmission into Google Analytics.
  • Our Email Finder Chrome extension has almost reached 60k users and still holds a near-perfect 4.9 stars rating.
  • When searching for bulk emails on the professional social network, you can now set up time delays so that your automated search looks like a manual one.
  • To make the tool more comfortable to use we’ve added domain autocomplete in our Domain Search feature.
  • We’ve launched the Social URL search. Simply upload your file with URLs to social networks, and Snov.io Email Finder will provide you with prospects’ names, email addresses, companies, and positions.
  • You can perform partial or exact match search in Bulk Domain Search: if you check the  Position contains option and, for example, type in “HR”, the service will find “HR Director”, “European HR Director”, “HR Manager” etc.

Email Verifier

In 2018 we have released our Email Verifier! The verification process can be performed on the go in the extension, through the web app, or API. Our extension currently has almost 1000 users and a 4.7 stars Chrome Web Store rating. We have added multiple file format options for export – CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheet. The verification itself has now become 40-50% quicker.

Drip Campaigns

in 2018 we were very excited to finally launch our Drip Campaigns tool. Since summer, 3,724 email campaigns have already been sent. The tool has finally taken complete shape late autumn and we have more features coming up.

Currently, you can send emails to definite subscribers from your prospects list. Our Drip Campaigns also allow you to create your email in the app, where you can add Custom Attributes, like recipient’s first name and last name. Once you’ve sent the campaign, follow detailed statistics in real time for the whole campaign or an individual email: find out how many emails have been sent, how many opened, how many times the link in the email body has been clicked, and, of course, how many replies you’ve received. Additionally, you can follow the statistics of opens and clicks on every recipient. Taking advantage of numerous filters, you can see the list of users who have opened your email, clicked the link, etc. Export your recipients list, full, filtered, or manually chosen, as a CSV file.

Email Tracker

Snov.io Email Tracker extension is the latest addition to our platform, but it has already become a favorite among you! Currently, 4,307 people have tried it, and the reviews speak for themselves – it’s holding a strong 4.9 rating on Chrome Web Store.

This extension helps you find out who opened your email or clicked a link and when. What’s more, it integrates seamlessly into your Gmail interface and doesn’t add any signatures, links, or logos to your message. Since its launch, we’ve added more features: you can delay your email sending by using our Send Later feature; if you are waiting on a specific email, you can turn on the Remind Me feature which will notify you if your email received no reply. You will receive a push notification every time your email is interacted with.

Technology Checker

We’ve released this tool in February 2018 and it has been helping you discover your clients’ and competitors’ technology stacks ever since. Available as a web app and Chrome extension, it currently has a rating of 4.5 stars.

See you next year!

We can’t wait for you to see everything we’ve got planned. See you in 2019!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Snov.io Team

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