How To Get More Calls From Leads

How To Get More Calls From Leads

We all appreciate email marketing, with the efficiency, the creativity and the possibilities it offers. But it’s after a successful email campaign – during the real contact – where you sell best.

Scheduling meetings and trying to find the time that suits both you and your hot lead often requires numerous email follow-ups. Unfortunately, this part causes a lot of prospects to slowly backtrack on your agreement simply because they don’t want to waste all this time.

We know how to avoid this, save time, and get more calls with leads with the help of just two tools – Snovio and Calendly. If you’re not familiar with these tools, let me give you a quick rundown. is an email marketing platform with tools like email finder, verifier, tracker, and email drip campaigns. Calendly is a service for arranging appointments via links in email messages. This helps your leads avoid the endless email scheduling by filling out a simple form and letting the app arrange meetings that won’t disrupt neither yours nor your lead’s schedule.

1. Find leads’ emails

Every email campaign starts with leads. For this part, you’re going to need Snovio Email Finder extension. This step is easy: just visit the page you want to collect your leads’ emails from and launch the extension. It will find all email addresses connected to this domain which you can then save to your list.

email finder chrome extension

Save these prospects to your account: simply choose or create a list to add them to and click the Save selected button.

save founded emails

After this, the button will turn into a green Go to list button. It will take you to your list. We highly recommend you verify your list before using it to make sure your campaign reaches the lead.

verify emails

Note: You can also find leads’ emails through the dashboard – Snovio offers multiple email finding tools like Database Search, Domain Search, Company Profile Search, and Social URL Search. You can find out more here.

2. Create meetings with Calendly

First, go their web page and sign up. In your account’s Event Types, select the type of event you want to give a link to.

choose calendly event

Insert the copied link into your email copy’s CTA and ask people to schedule a call with you to discuss your offer. Once they follow the link they’ll be able to choose the date and the time that fits them best and is available for you. As easy as that!

You can also create custom events or edit existing ones to best fit your needs and events type. To create a custom event, choose New Event Type. There you can specify the number of people in the meeting, the name, the time frame, the place, etc.

create custom calendly events

When you are done setting up an event, copy the link and get to Step 3.

3. Automate

Now, when we have a verified list of leads’ emails and an event ready, we can start an email campaign to convince our leads to schedule a call. We’ll be using Snovio Drip Campaigns tool to do this.

Unlike a regular email campaign, drip campaigns use an automation system that sends out emails according to the recipients’ actions and tries to lead them to certain goals. To create a campaign, go to the navigation bar and choose Campaigns. Then choose New drip campaign.

create email drip campaign

Build a new campaign using the drag-n-drop builder, connect the elements (Start, Email, Trigger, Delay, Goal) and save your campaign. If you want to know more about how to build a drip campaign, we’ve written a short guide here.

Here’s an example of what your campaign can look like.

email drip campaign example

As you can see your main goal is to have the lead schedule a call via Calendly. To do this, don’t forget to include a link to the form from Step 2 in your emails.

When the campaign is ready, fill in the necessary info, save and launch the campaign.

launch email campaign

When your campaign is launched you’ll be able to follow the statistics in real time and see exactly how many people have reached the goal.

Launch it once and collect the calls.

Good luck!

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