How To Boost Your Marketing Results Using Video In Email


Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools. The question is: how can marketers make an email more captivating to their audience? Giving them valuable content is one obvious answer. Yet thousands of emails are ignored, sent to spam folders, or immediately deleted every day. One great way to grab the attention of your audience is to embed video in an email.

Here we’ll show you how to boost your marketing results using video in email, and give you actionable tips on how to make the embedded video look good.

Why embed a video in an email?

According to a recent survey, consumers cited video as their favorite type of content to receive via email. It’s more engaging, entertaining, and comprehensible because people generally pay more attention to moving objects than static ones. Videos are more easily processed by the human brain than written text, and the visual information is often more understandable.

By adding a video to your emails, you can also increase your conversion rate or brand awareness. Here are some more statistics that support the idea that video can be crucial to your business:

  • Adding a video to an email newsletter leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates.
  • 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process.
  • 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers.
  • Video lowers the number of unsubscribes by 26%.

Choose your video marketing campaign goals

Some marketing videos work better in email campaigns than others. Video marketing campaigns need to be well planned and depending on your campaign goal videos can have different effects on the audience.

Here are a few possible goals you may pursue when you decide to include a video in your email:

  • To educate your audience.
    Short video tutorials, even complex ones, will work much better than written text and will be more memorable.
  • To increase your sales.
    Make detailed videos about your products or services, promote new items, or show real user testimonials. You can even demonstrate your manufacturing process to help win your prospects’ trust. For example, in the real estate field, recording a video of the property for sale works way better than photos.
  • To build a community.
    Share videos from your company’s YouTube channel and suggest customers subscribe to get to know more about your company.
  • To give a customer a new perspective on your products or services.
    Emotions help buyers form an impression of the product and can be a powerful tool to encourage action (to purchase, for example). When people relate to brands or products on a personal level, they develop a connection. Videos that evoke positive feelings are more likely to help you reach your goals, whether it be selling products or sharing information.
  • To boost brand awareness.
    Tell your company’s story in a video focused on history, everyday life, or the company’s mission. Your videos must be original, memorable, and easy to recognize. This will encourage your customers to engage with your brand on a more personal level and share your videos with colleagues or friends.

Please note, if you are embedding a video in an email, you should keep it short: 90 seconds is more than enough to grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested. You should also make sure any videos you send are high quality, otherwise, your subscribers simply won’t watch them. It’s important to look professional to your prospects and clients.

Increase the open rate

Boosting your open rate is a great way to ensure the overall improvement of email campaign KPIs. Let your audience know there is a video in the email by putting the word “video” in the subject line of your email. It’s important to show the customer that your email is worth opening and reading.

Here are some examples of subject lines that can boost open rates:

  •     Teachers: This Video Tutorial Shows How to Keep Your Students Occupied
  •     New SS19 Designer Bag Collection Presented in Video
  •     New Arrivals: Get Inspired by This Plus-Size Work Clothes Video
  •     Latest News: Check Our Recorder’s New Features in This Video Review

Putting the word “video” in the subject line will increase your campaign’s open rate because videos are much better at encouraging people to take action about your products or services than static images or written text. Video is also the preferred content because it’s generally more comprehensive and engaging for the audience.

How to embed video in an email

There are several ways to add a video to your email.

Include a link to a video

One way to insert a video in an email is to add a link to the video. The link can be to your site, YouTube, or Vimeo. However, there’s a chance that the client will be distracted by the recommended videos on YouTube and skip yours. To avoid this, link instead to the Movavi Cloud, a secure media storage service. Upload a full version of the video to the Movavi Cloud and give your recipients the link. It’s especially convenient if you only need to share a file – you can get to a shareable link in just one click.

Use an animated GIF instead of a real video

If there’s no need to add a long video to your email and you just want to make your email more engaging, you can use an animated GIF. That way, you’ll have a moving image that will grab your recipients’ attention and demonstrate a product or its features without including a whole video.

You can easily create a GIF in Movavi Video Editor Business. To do this, launch the program and open the video that you want to turn into GIF. Trim the footage if necessary or cut out unwanted parts, then save the result by clicking the Export button and choosing GIF from the format list. Click Start and wait a few seconds while your GIF is saved.

Attach a video as a file

Another way to add a video to an email is to embed it directly into your email using HTML5. Unfortunately, not all email providers can play videos directly from the Inbox. Mac users can write emails using services like Mail by Apple, Outlook for Mac, and Thunderbird; these platforms support playing videos embedded directly into an email.

iPhone and Samsung device users are also lucky, as the native email client on these devices can play videos from the Inbox. But there’s no Windows email platform that can play attached videos, so you’ll need to take care that your recipients use email platforms that can play embedded videos so they can watch your video and not the fallback image.

Using Movavi Video Editor Business, you can make beautiful videos, edit, and share them. Cut your video and join clips with transitions, add creative filters and your logo. You can make tutorials and comprehensive how-to videos with explanatory elements. It’s even possible to combine screen recordings with webcam footage and add music and voiceover to your video.

Include a static image with a play button

You also can use a static image in your email with a play button overlaid. Just link the image to the full version of your video so that, when people click the play button, they are redirected to where the video is hosted. To add a link to an image, follow these simple steps:

  1. Сlick the Compose New Message button in your email client.
  2. Add an image from your computer.
  3. Drag over the image to select it (the image will turn blue when it’s selected).
  4. Click the link icon and add a hyperlink destination (URL) for redirection.

It’s very important to use a powerful image from the video. It should be the most interesting or intriguing part of the video – something that will make people click “Play” and watch the full video.

Don’t forget the Call To Action

A well-thought-out Call To Action (CTA) is vital. CTA is a crucial element in your marketing campaign. Place it somewhere towards the end of your video, so it is perfectly clear to the audience what you are expecting them to do (go to your landing page, buy products or services, download applications, share a video, etc.)

In Conclusion

Embedding a video in email and using it for other digital marketing purposes can be great for your business. Create original videos of your products or services that will help your brand stand out and boost your sales. Increase your email open rates by putting the word “video” in the subject line. Build a community around your brand, engage and connect with customers by using videos that will evoke positive emotions. Create a message for what you want your recipients to do by placing a clear CTA in your videos and analyzing the results.

With the help of Movavi Video Editor Business, you can create great marketing videos, add stock content, and store them in the Movavi Cloud. You can even create animated GIFs and capture screens.

To learn more and download Movavi Video Editor Business, go to

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