What is a Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU): definition and examples

What is a Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU): definition and examples

Almost all marketers use content marketing to generate demand at every stage of the buyer’s journey – top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom of the funnel (BOFU). However, their attention is mostly focused on TOFU, which deals with raising awareness and provoking interest in the product. 

Statistics show that 50% of marketers are generating content at TOFU, and only 14% are making BOFU content. Therefore, they miss a chance to convert their leads into sales.

To paraphrase the great comedian Jerry Seinfeld – it’s not enough to gather the attention of a new prospect. You have to hold it as well.

Robert Rose, CMI Chief Strategy Advisor

BOFU meaning 

The bottom of the funnel (BOFU) is the last stage in the buyer’s journey when a lead makes a purchasing decision. 

After getting through the TOFU and MOFU contents, prospects search for more particular information to decide on a purchase. They may be interested in how the product works, what benefits they should expect, etc. 

Your task at this stage is to hold your leads and encourage them without trying to brazenly sell your product. Another purpose here is to prove how your company is better than competitors and to raise confidence in the buying decision. 


Types of BOFU content to create

The content at this point is specifically targeted. Broad topics covered at previous TOFU and MOFU stages should be limited now. Instead, concentrate on your brand’s uniqueness. Make it simple, personalized, and effective for your leads to convert. Such content helps customers analyze everything and make the right choice.

It’s essential to know your target market and share the content your audience will be eager to engage with. The success of any content you create, particularly BOFU content, depends on an accurate, thorough understanding of your clients. Only this way, it will satisfy their needs.

In general, BOFU content aims to build a conversation with prospects, gain trust, and inspire them to choose you. At this point, you need to emphasize on product or service more specifically. 

BOFU content

Email campaigns

Email drip campaigns are effective at each stage of the funnel. While creating BOFU content, focus on sales and add a call to action (CTA). You may insert a link for a demo or a sign-up form for a new beta, depending on what you are offering.

Email drip campaigns

BOFU email content has to be optimized for your future buyer. Make them passionate about your solution to their problem.


The purpose of consultations is to discuss all the details of the issues prospects face and offer the best solution to them. During consultations, give good feedback to your future customers, emphasize their strong and weak points, and show how your service or product can help them. 

Highly-personalized articles 

Articles give practical advice for BOFU leads who are searching for a particular sort of information. Make sure there are no general items; your articles should be highly-personalized to convert readers. Choose an important topic for certain customers and add CTAs, such as links to a demo or special offer.

For instance, how-to articles can be a great idea to educate your prospects on how to use different tools and features of your product. 

Free trial

Who doesn’t love free products? Free trials are a perfect opportunity to get leads closer to converting with no financial liability. You’ll never know unless you try. After testing all tools and features, they are more likely to upgrade to premium if your product is worthy and helpful. 


You may also consider offering discounts. This is helpful when buyers want to become familiar with the product before making a long-term commitment. Discounts on the first buy will increase customer traffic and enhance sales. 


Show your audience how your product actually works. On-site or in a video, demonstrate your features, advantages, and show how you beat your competitors. The more your leads understand how your product works, the more confident they will be about purchasing it.

Besides, demos are a great way to introduce the company culture that may put your best foot forward and influence the buyer’s choice.

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