How to add emails/domains to Do-not-email Lists


Have a list of domains or email addresses that should never be emailed through Email Drip Campaigns?

Do-not-email Lists is a function specifically designed to achieve this goal so you don’t have to cross-check your list before starting a campaign.

If you’re a sales agency employee or you use to work with email campaigns of several clients at the same time, now you can create a separate do-not-email list for each client.

Use the Do-not-email Lists function to never accidentally send an email to someone you shouldn’t.

Here’s a quick guide on how to manage your Do-not-email Lists:

Creating a new do-not-email-list:

You can create up to 50 separate do-not-email lists in your account. Having multiple lists lets you select a specific do-not-email list for a specific campaign.

In your Account area (1) , open Do-not-email Lists tab (2).

Click the Create new list button –>name it per your liking and click the Create button to add a new do-not-email list.

Your newly created lists will appear under Do-not-email Lists tab:

Adding new entries:

Step 1. Select a do-not-email list record

Choose a list to add new entries to between a default list (1) and your custom lists (2).

Step 2. Add email addresses or/and domains

There are two options available:

  • Add  individually

On the Add individually tab (1), type in the email address or the domain to the input field (2) and click the Add button (3).
After you click the Add button, a new entry will appear under the input field.

  • Add from a file

Switch to the Add from file tab (1) and click the Choose file button (2) to import a list of multiple emails and domains at once.

Locate the file with emails and domains on your computer and click the Add to list button.


Note: import file must contain one email/domain per line, all in one column. Here’s an example: 

On the next step, click the Add valid entries button.

After file processing is finished, valid entries will be added to your do-not-email list.

Applying do-not-email list to your campaign

While creating your drip campaign step-by-step, choose an appropriate list for this specific campaign at Prospects step.

Deleting entries

You can delete entries from your do-not-email lists by ticking the particular emails/domains and clicking the Remove selected from the list button. 

After the confirmation, they are removed from the chosen list. 

Exporting your do-not-email list

You can also download a list of entries by clicking the Export button. In a pop-up window, select the type of the file and click the Export button.

You’ll see the following message right after the export is finished:

The downloaded file will include email addresses and domains from the chosen do-not-email list, information about who added them to the list, and when.

Using Do-not-email Lists in Teamwork

Team members share their do-not-email lists and are able to:

  • see the lists of other team members
  • export the lists of other team members
  • apply the lists of other team members to their campaigns

Contact us if you have any additional questions. We are here to assist you! 

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