How to use automation to create deals based on recipient actions

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up an automation in email campaign that creates and organizes deals in the CRM.

Are you looking for a way to automatically create deals based on prospect actions in your email campaign?

The Automatic Deals feature in email campaigns lets you automatically add engaged prospects to the CRM deals when they open, click, or reply to an email.

Before you start, make sure you understand how to launch an email campaign.

Set up an automation in two steps:

Step 1. Activate “Automatic Deals”

Step 2. Set up condition settings

How the automation works

When your recipient takes one of the actions that you specify in automation settings, tracks it down and creates a new deal for this prospect in a selected pipeline and stage.

Using this approach, you can automate the filtering of interested prospects and transfer them to your CRM for further management.

Setting up the automation

Activate Automatic Deals

While setting up your email campaign, move forward to the Prospects step.

  • Scroll down to the Automatic Deals section.
  • Turn on the switch to activate the automation.

Set up condition settings

  • Action: select conditions to trigger a deal.
  • Pipeline: select a pipeline in which the deals will be created. 
  • Stage: select a stage of the pipeline to place the deals to.

In the Action field, you can select one or more of the following conditions: Opened email, Clicked on link, Replied. will create one deal per prospect when at least one of the selected actions is taken. In other words, if your prospect takes multiple actions, it won’t trigger to create a duplicate deal.

Enable tracking options

The final step in setting up automation is to enable tracking options that match the conditions you selected.

For the conditions of Opened emails and Clicked on link to work, open tracking and link tracking must be enabled in campaign settings.

  • Go to the Sending options step.
  • Find Tracking settings section.
  • Select the appropriate tracking option based on your conditions.

The automation will be inactive if the appropriate tracking options are disabled.

Managing deals in the CRM

The CRM lets you manage and prioritize leads, move them through pipeline stages, take notes, and assign tasks, so you can close more deals and speed up conversions. 

To continue managing prospects:

  • Go to the Deals page.
  • Find newly created deals.

The deal will include primary prospect information like the prospect’s name and email address.

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