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Anderson Roberto de Almeida

Head of Logistics Projects

Anderson Roberto de Almeida
Head of Logistics Projects
About company

Mab Logística is a logistics consulting company with 6 years of experience. It creates complete solutions in logistics through organizational restructuring, planning at the strategic and tactical levels, and commercial leverage. To achieve this, Mad Logística uses differentiated engineering, administration, and economics methodologies that support the process adjustments and audits, operational and financial management, commercial prospecting, and development of logistics projects.


We see our company as a small enterprise with big ambitions and endless possibilities. One of our strategic goals is to expand our selling points in an organized, easily scalable way and bring more tangible value at minimum input. This is why we were ready to dramatically change our sales processes.

The challenge

The decision to transform sales processes wasn’t spontaneous. For quite a while, we were hitting against the wall in vain attempts to attract new customers and convince them to buy. Here are some of the major problems dragging our sales down.

  • Manual lead researching process through LinkedIn. Aside from poor productivity, we were also getting low-quality leads that we couldn’t segment by location. At the end of the day, leads didn’t match our ICP at all and were not interested in our solution.
  • Time-consuming company profile searches via Google. Once again, we focused too much on manual, dull prospecting instead of improving our lead base quality and approach to sales.
  • Manual email-sending process and outreach analysis. Sending emails one-by-one took too much time. And because we were reaching out to irrelevant leads, we got zero replies.
  • Endless excel lists that got lost. Sales operations, valid and invalid lists, sales reports, etc. - all that excel-disaster led to chaos in all processes.
  • Non-scalable, stagnant sales processes that didn’t go hand-in-hand with our needs. As we were drowning in manual work and endless excel-sheets, we understood the necessity to introduce a new approach, a new tool, a new strategy.

With the challenges set clear, we defined our priority goals:

  • Get rid of stagnant manual prospecting and lead qualification.
  • Set up automated email outreach.
  • Boost the team's productivity by focusing on more important tasks.
  • Integrate an all-in-one sales platform that will keep everyone and every process in the loop.
  • Drive more interested customers and close more deals while preserving our staff number.

The solution

Finally our team was ready to integrate a user-friendly, all-in-one sales toolset that would help us find new customers and boost sales activities.

These are the tools we used the most to reach our goals:

  • Bulk lead search via Email Finder and LinkedIn extension helped us capture hundreds of pre-verified, highly relevant leads in minutes and build segmented lists.
  • Bulk email checker via Email Verifier allowed us to reduce bounce rates in our email campaigns almost to zero.
  • Email outreach campaigns with the help of Email Drip Campaigns enabled us to send personalized emails with automated follow-ups en masse. Real-time reports are also a great help to us: we use it to analyze email campaigns and improve metrics with A/B experiments.
  • API integration boosted our productivity even more. Our team enjoys a much smoother prospect flow process, letting us focus on conversion, rather than manual lead generation.

So far, we've implemented a great deal of the sales package into our day-to-day operations and intend to expand our usage of the platform.

We already laid an eye on Email Warm-up. With steadily increasing volumes of emails, we need to preserve a high sender reputation. That’s where an automated mailbox warm-up from comes in handy.

And to bring more organization into managing leads and deals, we’d like to try out sales CRM.

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The results

Our team is still on a sales transformation journey but we already enjoy the results along the way.

1. We managed to go from 3 to 20 steady client accounts.

2. We capture on average 40 SQLs per day. A tangible goal is 1000 leads per day and we are sure it’s possible.

3. We have at least 2 meetings per day. Our ambitious goal is to triple the current number of meetings.

client accounts
from 3 to 20
warm leads per day
booked meetings
2 per day

The experience

Our team enjoyed a better performance and finally saw a real possibility for scaling our business. Although we are still structuring and setting a foundation, by the end of this year, our goal is to have a solid selling machine with increasing revenue.

And is sure to help us with our ambitions. It is a great, intuitive, powerful, and affordable tool worth being in the arsenal of every sales representative.

Their customer care system deserves special attention, as they are always receptive to our suggestions, willing to solve problems and answer questions.

We’d definitely recommend relying on in your sales transformation.

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