What is Outreach Marketing: definition, benefits, challenges, and tips

Strange it may sound, but people tend to trust third-party recommendations more than someone talking about themselves. If you translate it into the marketing and B2B sales language, your customers will most likely get interested in your product or service if they hear about you from other brands rather than if you describe your advantages in the brightest light. 

This fact lets speaking about outreach marketing as the necessary process of business growth. Let’s consider outreach marketing definition to have a clear vision of what the term stands for.

What is outreach marketing?

Outreach marketing is a process of establishing relationships with companies interested in your product, such as business influencers, bloggers, and journalists, with the aim of promoting your brand, getting passive web traffic, and expanding your audience.

Benefits of outreach marketing

Outreach marketing is one of the most important aspects of a marketing and sales strategy due to the following advantages:

It improves your SEO efforts

If you link to a reputable website, Google sees that you are trusted by other website owners, which allows you to occupy a higher position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). And since outreach marketing is about attracting links from high-influencer pages, it’s your chance to rank higher in Google and other search engines. 

Most important ranking factors
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It promotes your content

About 72% of marketers agree that content marketing increases engagement. Yet, creating a brilliant piece of content and sharing it on social media isn’t enough for spreading your word out. With outreach marketing, you’ll increase your online presence via partners who will promote your content while you’ll be just concerned about how to improve its quality.

It helps you empower collaborations

The most obvious advantage of outreach marketing is building connections with influencers and like-minded brands. The latter is especially valuable for small businesses that should consider collaboration with other companies as the best way to raise brand awareness and expand their network. 

Outreach marketing

Challenges connected with outreach marketing

Now that you know why you should be interested in building your outreach marketing strategy, let’s consider difficulties you’ll most likely face:

It requires the right strategy from the start

You need a proper outreach marketing strategy to lead you to the set goals. If you do it wrong at any stage (e.g., you’ve chosen the wrong influencer), you risk wasting time and money and getting no results from your efforts.

Therefore, before picking the right outreach marketing strategy, you should have a clear vision of your goals and ideal partnership to promote your brand.

It’s time-consuming

Outreach marketing takes time: you need to find the right people, get their contact information, craft a proper message, let alone manage communication afterward. That’s why companies use reliable marketing tools to automate these activities

Snov.io is an outreach marketing tool that has been designed and constantly improved to help you find and verify the email addresses of your prospective partners and create your targeted outreach campaigns for building relationships with them.

email verifier

It may cost a lot

Outreach marketing may be rather expensive. You’ll have to pay for an email lookup tool, quality messaging platform, analytics, to say nothing of people who will do plenty of manual work daily. 

Luckily there are all-in-one marketing outreach solutions that may not only spare your budget owing to their mild pricing plans but also offer you the opportunity to use their features for free

Successful outreach marketing ideas

No doubt you would like a guru like Tony Robbins to share a good piece of your content on his LinkedIn or Twitter page. Although now it may sound eutopic, one day you’ll reach out to the top influencer who’ll put in a word about you. 

Here are some tactics that will give your outreach marketing a good start or bring it to the next level, provided you are already on the way. 

Define your goals

Before you take any actions, you should build an outreach marketing plan, which requires a clear understanding of your objectives on the horizon. Say, you want to get more backlinks to your content or a new audience via social media… Or you wish for something ambitious like becoming a speaker at a marketing or sales conference

The goal must be well articulated. If you have several of them in mind, create a priority list and focus on just one at first. Remember, outreach marketing is about your money. So, try it carefully. 

Choose the right influencer

That’s the stage where you should be extra picky. Some specialists define the following types of influencers you can contact within your outreach campaign:

  • Sharks — These are top influencers followed by millions of social media users and renowned for their expertise.
  • Big Fish — Not as big as the previous type, these people are also respected enough to have a big impact on your business.
  • Small Fish — These influencers may become good partners as they are easier to reach out to. Being ambitious about growing their audience, they’ll most likely be interested in cooperation.
  • Spawn — These are start-ups that don’t yet have an audience, so they’ll welcome your partnership with open hands. 
Choose the right influencer

To choose your right target audience, you should focus on your goals and objectives. If, say, you are a small business interested in promoting your blog, it won’t be quite reasonable to contact Sharks, as they won’t see any benefit from a partnership with your brand now. 

Try Small Fish influencers, whom you can find on LinkedIn right away. With Snov.io Email Finder Extension for Chrome, that’s extra easy.

Snov.io Email Finder extension

Personalize your communication

Personalization is a golden rule of marketing, proven by numbers. An incredible 88% of users are ready to respond to your email favorably if it looks like it’s been specifically created for them. And yet, not many marketers and sales reps clearly understand how it works. 

Personalization in outreach marketing isn’t about addressing people by name. It presupposes thorough research aimed at getting to know your potential influencer and offering them something of real value. Feel free to read more about how to personalize your messages in one of our posts.

Let’s look at the example of personalized email messages we in Snov.io used to build relationships with potential influencers.

Outreach example
Personalized email to a potential influencer from Snov.io

What catches the eye of a recipient at once is the subject of the email. It pertains to Bernard’s post, tempting him to open and read the message. In the email body, our SEO Valerie again touches upon his recently published article, stressing its importance and use. 

This way, she emphasizes her interest in Bernard’s content and demonstrates she’s done her homework ― she has read his blog, learned the subject, followed the link to find out it’s broken, and is ready to bring value by offering another link, the one that leads to Snov.io’s post of course.

Don’t spam

You may not receive the expected response from your targeted influencer at once. That’s not the reason to stop. Following up is a good idea unless you sound annoying. What you should always keep in mind is that you are building real relationships, not asking for backlinks, mentions, or promotions.

Not to become a spammer in the eyes of your prospect, work out your calendar of follow-ups and think how to make a chain of your reminders polite and up to the point. Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns will help you with follow-up emails building:

Email drip campaign
Follow-up email sequence created in Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns builder

As you see, this sequence consists of three emails. We recommend sending from 3 to 5 follow-ups depending on your goals, current resources, and outreach marketing experience.

Wrapping up

In outreach marketing, your main goal is to connect with potential influencers who will be interested in your business and promote your product by bringing you more traffic and users. 

Any effective outreach marketing strategy demands setting clear objectives, finding your right target audience, and coming up with highly personalized messages. This process will definitely take your time and financial resources.

But if you rely on Snov.io, you can get perfect influencers and create targeted messages within minutes. Try it today and enjoy the results already tomorrow!

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