How to find emails on a professional social network’s Companies search page

With the help of Email Finder extension, you can find companies, employees, and their email addresses on a Companies search page.

Go to Search page and choose the Companies filter:

companies search

Click the extension icon in your browser.
Choose the necessary companies from the list, select the Company list in the drop-down menu, and click the Save companies button.


Select Businesses in the Prospects drop-down menu, and go to your companies’ list.
Click on a company name:


You will be transferred to a company’s profile.
Choose the necessary option depending on which emails you would like to collect.


Note: All the emails displayed on the screen are blurred.
These are possible email addresses (predicted by extension), and it doesn’t necessarily mean that a person actually has this many email addresses.
Select people and add them to one of your lists.


Go the list of prospects and wait for the extension to find emails.


When the necessary people are added to your list, start your first triggered email campaign.

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