Yaroslav Panyok

Yaroslav Panyok is an author and researcher for Snovio Labs, providing readers with unique insights into marketing. Passionate about data, email marketing, and pizza, Yaroslav creates articles of any scale and complexity to compile research into something worth dedicating your time to. He is also a proud owner of a red fluffy furball named Ginger.
How To Get More Calls From Leads

How To Get More Calls From Leads

Learn how to get more calls from your leads with the help of Snov.io lead generation tools & Calendly.

How to deal with any campaign reply

How To Deal With Any Email Campaign Reply

Email campaigns are all about getting a reaction. It may come in many forms, but getting a reply, as any marketer knows, is the most exciting.

Email personalization: how to not overdo it

Personalized Email: How To Not Overdo It

In this golden era of outreach marketing we all put maximum effort into making our email messages as personalized as possible.

10 places to find emails other than LinkedIn

10 Places To Find Emails Other Than LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered the best lead source. But what other options are there? We’ll show you 10 alternatives.

How To Convince Your Boss To Start Using Snov.io

The pros of using a new tool may seem obvious to you, but not to your boss, so you need to present your case in the best way possible.

Cold Email Template Clichés Are Hurting Your Campaign

Cold email template bundles are a staple of freebies. You may have downloaded a few, and you wouldn’t be the first.

How To Personalize Your Email In 2021

The ways to personalize email in 2021 are pretty simple. You can find 4 easy steps here.

how to track an email

How To Track Outgoing Emails In Gmail With Snovio Email Tracker

An email tracking tool is a must-have for every professional. How to track emails in Gmail? With Snov.io Email Tracker! Here’s how.

Data Mining Tools: The What, The Why And The How

Data Mining Tools: The What, The Why And The How

Data mining tools help you make your lead generation campaigns more successful. How? Read here!