How to perform a Boolean search

The Boolean Search will help you to perform a specific search of large databases, such as LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, etc. via unique search parameters, and find the exact leads you need.

If you want to perform a search, our Linker tool will help you limit, broaden, or refine your search and save time. Here you can specify your search parameters in detail, combining terms to include or exclude certain results. This is an effective way to perform a search by job title, skills, and location.

Here is an example of what your search can look like:

To narrow down the search and get more refined results by excluding certain parameters, use the following feature:

Once all the search parameters are defined, you will see a list of suggested sources from which you can save your prospects. Click on the arrow on the right to be redirected to the chosen website, where you can save the results by clicking on extension icon.

If you want to perform the same search later, you don’t have to fill in the same parameters again – all you need to do is to scroll down the page and hit the Save This Search button.

To find the saved search parameters, navigate to the top of the Linker page and open your Search history:

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