How to use Snovio extension for Chrome

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Snovio Extension for Google Chrome will help you to find prospects while browsing various websites and social networks.


Snovio extension can be used for finding emails on:

  1. any website:

    go to any website, click on Snovio extension button; select the emails and save them into your list.

snovio chrome extension

Note: In the drop-down menu only 10 emails are shown. Click on Complete search button to see if more emails are available. You’ll be transferred to your Snovio search history page. Choose the necessary site and see all the emails from this or that website or company site.

snovio chrome extension

  1. Linkedin:

Snovio Chrome Extension works with LI free and premium accounts on the following pages:

  • search page (use either Search for free or Sales Nav for premium account): search for a position, people or content, find necessary emails and add them into your list;
  • person’s profile page: go to a person’s page, find his or her email and save it to a list of your prospects;
  • company profile page: go to companies search, select the companies you need in the extension drop-down menu and save them into your list; then, go to your prospects list, choose emails and add them to the appropriate list for your campaign;
  • group members page: simply go to a necessary group page, and find the emails with our extension.

snovio chrome extension

Note: While searching for emails on the professional network, set up search timeout (otherwise, your account may be blocked).

snovio chrome extension

  1. Facebook:

you can find emails on personal pages only. Sometimes, in the list of your prospects you can see:


It doesn’t mean that the Finder doesn’t work. The person hasn’t written his or her email and it is simply not available.

  1. Twitter:

search for emails either on personal pages or on the search pages.

Note: as a rule people write neither their position or company they work for, nor their emails. That’s why it may take long hours for you to find at least someone here.

  1. search engine:

find the related to your topic emails. Go to Google, search for the topic you’re interested in, set up the options, find the domains and save them into your prospects list.

import emails

Don’t forget to verify the list of your emails. Use our Verifier tool for this purpose.

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