How to set up your SMTP and IMAP account


Sending emails with requires the setup of a sender account. can connect to virtually any email address via SMTP and IMAP. 

To connect your SMTP sender account, follow these steps: 

Add a new email account

Click on the avatar icon in the top-right corner of your screen: 

open the My Account menu

select the Email Accounts tab

click the Add email address button

choose the SMTP type

Add SMTP settings

Fill out the information related to sending emails:

From name, From email fields: your personal sender information 

Username, Password: log in details you use to sign in to your ESP account

SMTP host, port, SSL or TLS (security protocol): your email provider’s default settings

Messages per day: how many emails your account will be sending daily (the number should be lower or equal to ESP’s limit)

Type of delay: will send every single email with an interval you specify 

Add IMAP settings

Fill out the information related to receiving emails:

 Set a different reply-to address: if you have email forwarding configured, or otherwise get replies to an email inbox other than specified in the SMTP section, enable this option. 

Use different email accounts for receiving emails: enable if above is enabled.

Username, Password: log in details of ESP account which is receiving incoming emails (if above mentioned is enabled).

Important: this step is crucial so is able to track replies into campaign statistics and stop follow-up sequences for those who replied. 

Test connection 

After you fill both SMTP and IMAP settings, click the Send a test email to check connection button to check if connection is successful. 

If you see a Success message status, your SMTP sender account is ready to go

Click the   button at the top right corner of the Email Settings page to save your settings.

You’re all set now to use your sender account with Drip Campaigns!

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