10 Best Email Drip Campaign Examples For Your Business Growth

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If you ask me what email marketing can’t do without, I will point to email drip campaigns without hesitation. These chains of email messages can bring you 80% more open rates and…hold your breath…300% more click-through rates. 

In this post, I’ll provide you with 10 top-performing email drip campaign examples to help you build your own campaigns that will show incredible results.

But let’s clarify the term ‘an email drip campaign’ first. 

What is a drip campaign?

An email drip campaign is a sequence of automated triggered emails sent in a specific order on a specific date and time. Each follow-up email in this campaign is literally triggered by the user’s action in the previous email. 

For example, imagine a user subscribes to your service. You send them your welcome email, and after 3 days, start sending them your most popular blog content. Or else, you invite a user to your webinar, and, as soon as they click ‘Yes, I’ll be present,’ you send them a confirmation email. One day before the event, you send them a reminder email. 

Both these examples are what marketers call email drip campaigns.’ 

Types of email drip campaigns

Email drip campaigns can be differentiated by purpose, target, or industry.

For example, if to speak about purpose, you can come across the following email drip campaigns:

  • Welcome email drip campaigns
  • Onboarding email drip campaigns
  • Re-engagement email drip campaigns
  • Lead nurturing email drip campaigns
  • Educational email drip campaigns and more.

Based on targeting, there are distinguished 3 types of email drip campaigns:

  • Cold email drip campaigns
  • Subscriber email drip campaigns
  • User email drip campaigns

You can also find dozens of email drip campaigns based on the industry:

  • Email drip campaigns for B2B
  • Email drip campaigns for SaaS
  • Email drip campaigns for e-commerce
  • Email drip campaigns for retail
  • Email drip campaigns for real estate
  • Email drip campaigns for bloggers
  • Email drip campaigns for the fashion industry
  • Email drip campaigns for the car industry and more.

Email Drips

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Email Drips

Benefits of email drip campaigns

I started the post by saying that your email marketing strategy can’t do without email drip campaigns, not without reason. Email drip campaigns ensure your communication with users runs smoothly, regularly, and, most important, is highly personalized. 

With well-crafted email drip campaigns, your company can:

Increase engagement and customer loyalty

Email drip campaigns allow you to get in touch with your customers regularly and communicate the relevant message to them. This helps you build trust with your users and encourages them to respond to your emails. 

Have a reliable lead nurturing mechanism

What if your potential customers are not ready to buy from you at the moment? Email drip campaigns help you smoothly move your leads through the pipeline to the purchase by communicating the benefits of your solution, answering questions, or addressing any objections.

Promote relevant content

Email drip campaigns allow you to send the right content at the right time, depending on your customers’ sales funnel stage. Let’s say your prospects get content that will move them further to buying your product, while your customers get valuable educational content based on their current needs.

Increase brand awareness

Owing to systematic emails subscribers get from you, they’ll always keep your company in mind. So even if your prospects are not going to buy a product like yours at the moment, when they are ready, your brand will be the first they’ll think of.

Re-engage inactive users

Some contacts will inevitably stop reacting to your emails. A good marketer knows how important it is to keep the email list healthy, but before you clean it from unengaged users, you should try re-engaging them. Email drip campaigns will help you do this better than any other channel.

Benefits of email drip campaigns

These are only some of the vivid benefits of using email drip campaigns. You’ll uncover many more of them as soon as you implement them for your business strategy.

10 top email drip campaign examples for your business growth

To help you with insights, I’ve analyzed top-performing email campaigns and prepared email drip examples in the form of templates you can start using today. For convenience, I will also add their text versions, so get ready to enrich your template list with new well-knitted examples. 

1. Welcome email drip campaign

Did you know that email subscribers that receive a welcome email following the subscription to an email list show 33% more long-term brand engagement? The reason is that by welcoming new subscribers and thanking them for their subscription right away, you demonstrate that you are a company that values its users. 

Welcome email #1: Welcoming a new subscriber

As soon as you’ve got a new subscriber, send them your first welcome email where you thank them for the subscription and underline you’re always at their disposal.

welcome email example

And here is the text version you can copy-paste when you need it:


Hi [Name],

Thank you for subscribing to [Company]

Our company [Mention your mission and customer’s pain point]

Visit our website page [Link] to learn more about the range of our tools and features. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team at [Email address] if you have any questions. They’ll be happy to help.


[Your name]

Welcome email #2. Asking a subscriber to set preferences

In the following email in your welcome series, you should emphasize that your company is about bringing value, so you should make it highly personalized. For instance, you can ask the user to set their email preferences, so your next emails fit their needs best. 

welcome email example

Here’s a text template for you:


Dear [Name],

We want to maximize your value from our emails. Please, help us a little bit. Set email preferences so we know what topics are of most interest to you. We won’t bother you with the content you don’t welcome.  

[Call to action]


[Company name] Team

Welcome email #3. Offering valuable content

Once your subscriber has chosen the topics/products of interest, you have a chance to prove that you stick to your word by sending them an email with the relevant content. This can be a list of blog post topics or a collection of products (in case your company is an e-commerce business). This will be the third email in your drip campaign.

Welcome email example

The text version of this email is right here:


Dear [Name],

To help you start selling, we’ve prepared a list of posts with handy sales tips and tricks:

– Blog post 1 [Link]

– Blog post 2 [Link]

– Blog post 3 [Link]

Read on to get the sales hacks from the best sales professionals.


[Your name]

2. Onboarding email campaign

If you’re a SaaS company, you know how important it is to successfully onboard your new users as soon as they start a trial. 

Often considered as the type of welcome emails, onboarding emails help demonstrate to prospective customers how your product or service can make their lives easier and guide them through all its features to ensure they’ve made the right choice. 

Onboarding email #1: Welcoming a new user

Let’s look at the example of an onboarding email drip campaign you can gain inspiration from. It starts with sending your first welcome email to users who have just started a trial.

Onboarding email example

Feel free to use the text of this template for your onboarding goals:


Welcome to [Company name], [Name]

Your free trial starts today.

Over the next month, you’ll be receiving a few more emails to get maximum value from our [Product/service]. We’ll share some guidance and tips to keep you on board.


[Your name]

Onboarding email #2. Offering guidance

In your following email, let your users know all the steps you need them to take and ensure you’ll always help them through the onboarding process. This email should focus on your offering guidance.

Onboarding email example

Don’t hesitate to add the template to your list:


Hi [Name],

Congratulations on starting your journey with [Company name]

With just a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to [Describe what the user will be able to do with your product or service]. And we’ll help with every step of your way to success.

Step 1 [Describe user’s actions]

Step 2  [Describe user’s actions]

Step 3  [Describe user’s actions]

Step 4  [Describe user’s actions]

[Call to action]

At this point, your users’ behavior might differ. While some will enthusiastically start passing each step, others will remain inactive. You need to account for this and create different email sequences for active and inactive users.

email sequence

3. Sales cold email campaign

Cold email outreach is what salespeople regularly use to build connections with prospects and make a sales pitch, mildly persuading them to buy a product or service. The most important thing about these email drip campaigns is following up. You should schedule your email sequence, so prospects get about 5 follow-ups after the initial email. 

Sales cold email # 1: Opening cold email 

The initial cold email should be short and attention-grabbing. Ensure you explain why you’re reaching out to prospects, state what’s in it for them, prove they can trust you, and crown it all with a single and clear call to action.


Subject line: A quick question

Hey [Name],

My name is [Your name].

I found your company on LinkedIn and cannot help but praise the ideas your company is promoting in the field. 

Quick question: what are your plans for [The problem your company is solving]? I think I might have some ideas for you. 

Let me know what you think.


[Your name].

Sales cold email # 2: Follow-up reminder email

Now comes the time to follow up. Make a plan and schedule your follow-ups like this:

  • Follow-up 1 on day 3
  • Follow-up 2 on day 7
  • Follow-up 3 on day 14
  • Follow-up 4 on day 30
  • Follow-up 5 on day 60

The first follow-up email must be a gentle reminder, nothing more. Simply ask if prospects saw your previous email or got a chance to consider your offer.


Subject line: Just a quick reminder

Hi [Name],

I sent you an email 2 days ago considering [Your offer]

Have you managed to think about my offering?

Let me know what you think about it.


[Your name].

Sales cold email #3-5: Value-bringing follow-up

Your further follow-up messages must bring extra value to your initial cold email. For instance, you can include case studies, testimonials, referrals, or just any relevant content that will help you persuade the prospect that your solution is worth it, handle any objections, and overcome skepticism.

Consider this example of a follow-up within your sales cold email drip campaign to get inspiration from:


Subject line: You are not alone

Hi [Name],

We’d love to tell you more about our product and what we can do for [Prospect’s company name]. [Customer’s company name] had the same problem trying to solve [Prospect’s pain point]. 

Since they chose [Your company name], they have seen incredible results: 

  • [Amazing stat 1] 
  • [Amazing stat 2] 
  • [Amazing stat 3] 

You can check out their full story here [Link]. 

How can we help your [Bottom line, ROI, etc.]? Let’s talk about it. Could I have 10 minutes of your time to show you how? What day works for you?

Waiting for your response,

[Your name]

Sales cold email # 6: Break-up

Okay…You tried to connect with the prospect but in vain. Well, it happens pretty often in sales. Use your break-up email as the final follow-up, but do it in a clever way. 

I recommend that you ask the prospect’s opinion about how you can be of value to them, and for better effect, do it right in your break-up email subject line. Consider an example:


Subject line: What could change your mind?

Hi [Name],

Hope you’re well. I’ve tried to connect several times to discuss [Your product/ service] as a solution for [Prospect’s pain point]. I haven’t heard back from you, so I wonder if there is anything that could turn your attention to my offering.

If you’re still interested, please, let me know. 


[Your name]

4. Post-purchase email campaign

Numbers don’t lie: it costs up to 5x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one. So even after you’ve got a new closed won, you can’t stop nurturing the customer…till they repeat their purchase, again and again. 

Post-purchase email #1: Thank-you message

Post-purchase email drip campaigns help you engage with your customers after purchase and retain them. As soon as the sales deal is closed, send the customer your first post-purchase email where you thank them for buying your product and underline you’re always there for them. Alternatively, you can provide them with a discount on the next purchase.

post-purchase email

Your text version of the email is here:


Thank you for the purchase, [Name]!

We value our customers, so let us give you a small gift, $5 off your next purchase. 

[Call to action]


[Company name] Team

Post-purchase email #2: Asking for feedback

Set your post-purchase email sequence so that after 2 or 3 weeks, the customer receives another email from you, where you ask them to share the impression of their purchase.

post-purchase email

Save this text template for your post-purchase campaign:


Hi [Name],

It’s [How long?] since you purchased [What?] from [Your company name].

How’s your life changed? Did you like the purchase as much as we like you as our customer?

Please, tell us how much you’re happy with it.

And let us remind you that you get your $5 off the next purchase.

[Call to action]

Thanks for being with us,

[Company name] Team

5. Product launch email campaign

Your team has spent months developing a new product or feature that is bound to win users’ hearts. It’s time to spread the word about it and enjoy growing sales. 

Product launch email #1: Pre-launch survey

Before you even announce your product, send your users a survey email to evaluate their level of interest in your new product ideas.

product launch email

And here’s a text version of the email for you:


Hi [Name],

We’re constantly growing to make our users satisfied with our service.

We’re going to launch a new product soon and we strongly need your opinion. 

Are you waiting for the tool that will [Describe the benefits]

  • Yes, definitely
  • Not really

Your opinion is very important. 

Thank you,

[Company name] Team

Product launch email #2: Product launch announcement

Now it’s high time to announce your upcoming product launch. Encourage users to share the news with their circle and offer them a small incentive. This can be early access or a discount. product launch email

And a text version for your template collection is here:


Hi [Name],

We’re happy to announce our new feature [Feature name] coming on [Date]

We’ve developed it to [Describe benefits users will get from the product/feature].

Want to be the first to try? Share the news with your friends and get early access to it.

[Call to action]


[Company name] Team

Product launch email #3: Product launch day

At last, the day of the launch has come! Happy and excited, don’t forget to send users an email to celebrate it together. 

Prepare compelling product images and create a sense of urgency for users to rush to try it. As an option, you can offer them irresistible incentives, which, however, have an expiry date.

product launch email

I didn’t forget about a text version for you:


Hey [Name],

We’ve launched [Product name].

Now you’ll be able to [Describe benefits users will get from the product/feature] at only [Price].

And if you want to be the first to try it, we’ve prepared a 20% off for you that will be valid till [Date].

[Call to action]


[Company name] Team

6. Limited offer email campaign

E-commerce businesses know how limited offer campaigns can help them boost their sales. The magic formula of success here is simple: you prepare an irresistible offer for your subscribers and add a sense of urgency. 

If you’re in B2B, you can steal this formula for your business, say, when you offer tickets to your webinar or compelling monthly plan discounts. 

And let me tell you a secret: you can squeeze more juice out of it if you build a well-thought-out limited offer email sequence.

Limited offer email #1: The limited offer announcement

First, start with an email that informs subscribers about the limited offer and the deadline for a unique chance to buy it. You can add an email countdown timer to crazy up the FOMO levels to the maximum.

limited offer email

And here is a text-only limited offer email example:


Hi [Name],

Thank you for being with [Company name] for such a long time.

We thought Christmas shouldn’t be the only magical time of the year, so we’d like to present our customers with a gift – $5 off the next monthly plan!

But hurry up: the discount is valid only up to [Date]

[Call to action]


[Company name] Team 

Limited offer email #2-3: Increasing the sense of urgency

The next two reminder emails can be sent to increase the sense of urgency. Send the first follow-up 2 days after the initial email and the second one — several hours before the special offer expires.

limited offer email

Like the template? Steal the text-version example:


Hi [Name],

Just to remind you: your $5 off the next monthly plan expires on [Date]. 

Hurry up to get a feature-rich solution at a compelling price!

[Call to action]


[Company name] Team 

Limited offer email #4: Limited offer extension

This is the point where I tell you another secret…

Your special offer email drip campaign shouldn’t end here. There will be those users who won’t rush to get a discount. Just set your email sequence so that the special offer will be extended for them.

limited offer email

The text version of this template is here for you:


Hi [Name],

Great news: we’ve extended this magical gift time! 

We thought, don’t you deserve $5 off half of the year subscription?

Of course, you do! 

So now you can use our service the whole year round at a cheaper price.

[Call to action]

Thank you for being with us,

[Company name] Team 

7. Event announcement email campaign

Is your company going to hold a webinar or a conference? Take an opportunity to invite your contacts to the business event through the event invitation email sequence. 

Event announcement email #1: Event invitation

The first email of the campaign will be your invitation message. Announce the date and location and use the call to action for contacts to register

event announcement email

Save the text template to your list:


Hi [Name],

Thanks for being our subscriber for such a long time. 

We value your desire to learn new things about [Industry-related topics], so we would like to share an exclusive opportunity with you. Next month we’re having [Event name] for [Job positions related to the prospect]

Industry experts will be sharing their hacks on how to [Prospect’s job-related challenges]

[Call to action]

Here’s a lowdown:

When: [Date and time]

Where: [Location]

Who: Top industry experts like [Experts’ names]

The event is absolutely free.

[Call to action]

See you there, 

[Your name]

Event announcement email #2: Registration confirmation

Tune your email sequence so those who registered for the event will get the next email — a confirmation informing an attendee that you reserved the spot for them.

event registration confirmation email

This is how it looks as a text-based template:


Thanks for registering for [Event name], [Name]!

We’re excited to welcome you to this event and are ready to reserve the spot for you as soon as you confirm your email.

[Call to action]


[Company name] Team

Event announcement email #3-5: Event reminder

Before the event, ensure your registrants get email reminders. It’s recommended to send 3 reminder emails – 1 week before the event, 1 day before the event, and on the day of the event. In these emails, don’t forget to mention again the date, time, and the location of the event.

event reminder email

In case you need a text template:


It’s only a week away

Hi [Name],

Just to remind you: our [Event name] starts in a week. 

[Date and Time]


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [Email address].

See you soon,

[Company name] Team 

Event announcement email #6: Post-event follow-up

Now that your event is over, don’t forget to follow up with your attendees, as this is your chance to nurture them to become your customers in the future. In this email, thank them for participation, briefly state what value they’ve gained from it, and don’t miss a chance to connect this value with your product or service.

Post-event follow-up email

Look through the text template of this HTML email:


Thank you for visiting our [Event name], [Name]!

On the [Date], we showcased how [Describe the value of the event]

We hope you’ve gained knowledge to help you [Solve the attendee’s pain point].

If you need a reliable tool to streamline the process, look at what [Your company name] can do for you. With [Your product], you can: 

  • [Value 1]
  • [Value 2]
  • [Value 3]

Intrigued? Rush on to see our compelling plans.

[Call to action]

Best regards,

[Company name] Team 

8. Re-engagement email campaign

Re-engagement email drip marketing campaigns are directed towards contacts that have been inactive for a while, those who no longer open your emails or buy from you. Reasons can differ: they don’t need your product, they’ve found a better solution, or they simply forgot about you. 

The goal of these campaigns is to encourage these contacts to engage back with your company. There must be something in your email series that will grab users’ attention – a highly personalized copy, a compelling offering, a creative approach. 

Re-engagement email #1: ‘We miss you so much’

You can start your re-engagement email drip campaign with a short message where you state how you’ve missed your subscribers…and ask them to update their preferences or offer something special as a sort of bribe – a discount or any other incentive.

re-engagement email

Feel free to grab the text version of this re-engagement email template:


Hey [Name],

It’s been some time since you’ve opened our emails and used our service. 

We guess you might have missed that we’re offering our customers something special each month. 

Today we’d like to offer you $5 off the next monthly plan.

[Call to action]

Can’t wait to get you back, 

[Company name] Team 

Re-engagement email #2: ‘We’ve made the service better for you’

If you haven’t noticed any reaction from your user to the initial email, don’t give up. In the next email within your re-engagement sequence, state how you’ve improved your product, underlining that now they will get even more value from your solution.  

re-engagement email

And here is a text-only version of the template to add to your collection:


Hi [Name],

We’ve made some improvements since you’ve been away. 

We’ve built new features and improved the old ones to help you maximize the value you get from using our service. 

Now you can [Describe the benefits a customer will get from your new features]

Log in to your [Company name] account and feel the growth by yourself!

[Call to action]

If you have any questions, contact our support team at [Email address]

Love to see you back, 

[Company name] Team 

Re-engagement email #3: ‘What can make you stay?’

If it still doesn’t help, ask your users directly what can make them stay, but prepare these options to include them in your last-attempt survey email. Consider the example:

re-engagement email

And here is the same re-engagement email template in the text version:


Hi [Name],

We want to ensure we can still provide value for you.  

Please, tell us how you wish to cooperate further by ticking what fits you best: 

  • I’m on board and ready to continue with [Your company name]
  • I want to get your emails, but I’m not ready to buy your solution.
  • I don’t want to get your emails or continue using your product. 

We’ll do our best to get adjusted to your needs. 

In case you want to come back, simply log in to your account. 

[Call to action]

With love, 

[Company name] Team 

Build a re-engagement email drip campaign to show your users how much they matter to you and remind them there’s always great value in your product. And if they still don’t react to your sequence, let them go with an easy heart – you’ve done your best to win them back, after all.

9. Abandoned cart email campaign

Abandoned cart email campaigns are probably one of the most popular email drip campaign strategies for e-commerce businesses. 

Such emails are triggered by a customer’s behavior when they add an item (or several items) to their cart but eventually don’t continue with the purchase.

Abandoned cart email #1: A simple reminder

The first email within your abandoned cart series can simply remind the contact there’s something in their cart, and you saved it for them.

Abandoned cart email

And here’s a text version to steal away:


Hi [Name],

We’ve saved everything you’ve picked in your cart, so you can complete the purchase.

[Call to action]

Always with you,

[Company name] Team

Abandoned cart email #2: Second reminder with a special offer

For those silent to your first email, set your email drip campaign so they’ll get another email where you hurry them up by offering a small discount.

Abandoned cart email

Feel free to grab the text version of the template for your email:


Hi [Name],

Take an extra 10% of your cart. The discount will be valid for the next 48 hours only. 

[Call to action]

With love,

[Company name] Team

10. Educational email drip campaign

If your company specializes in educational content, you’re destined to deal with educational email drip campaigns to attract more attendees to your courses or grow the popularity of your guides. 

Education email #1: A course-list recommendation

For example, you can start your email drip campaign with an initial email where you’ll recommend the list of courses that would fit your user’s preferences, with links.

A course-list recommendation email

Grab the text version of the email:


Hi [Name],

We’ve browsed our catalog and found courses that, we think, match your interests. Look through our recommendations below and start learning something new today!

Course 1 [Link]

Course 2 [Link]

Course 3 [Link]

[Call to action]

Let’s learn together,

[Company name] Team

Educational email #2: ‘Congratulations’ email with a special offer

When the user completes a course, send them a ‘Congratulations’ email and recommend another course as a special offer. Don’t forget to mention it is urgent 😉

educational email

In case you need a text-only template, here you are:


Congratulations, [Name]!

You’ve passed the [Course name] course and can now [Describe the gained skills]

As a special gift, we’re offering you one of our best and most popular courses to boost your skills — [Course name] course with $10 off! 

The discount will be waiting for you till [Deadline]

[Call to action]

Thanks for being with us,

[Company name] Team

Overall, you don’t need to be Coursera to offer educational content. If your company has any valuable guides, videos, or blog posts worth reading, don’t hesitate to use them in your marketing strategy. Launching educational email drip campaigns in their full variety will be your great plus!

sales cheats banner

Wrapping up

Email outreach is one of the best ways to be in constant contact with your potential and existing customers. And if your company has achieved the level when you need to deal with users in bulk, you can’t but automate your email marketing to ensure they are followed up by you at the right time with the right regularity.

In this post, I’ve shared 10 most typical email drip campaign examples for you to steal the ready-made templates as a basis for your email sequences. More of them are waiting for you in your Snov.io account.

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