Drip Email Tools and Technicalities: A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide To Drip Campaigns: 
Part 1: What’s A Drip Campaign
Part 2: Email Etiquette
Part 3: Drip Campaign Tools
Part 4: Email Sequences
Part 5: Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re still not using email drip campaigns, you’re missing out on a tool that makes email marketing more efficient, personalized, and converting. Drip campaigns can be used for lead nurturing, easier blogger outreach, post-conference follow-ups, B2B sales and so much more.

By understanding the inner workings of email drip campaigns you’ll see how you can optimize your email campaigns. Every single step, even the smallest one, can be improved to make the overall flow better and more converting.


Drip campaign tools

There are quite a few drip email tools on the market, some bigger and more feature-rich than others. All of them have one thing in common – they all automate email sending. Let’s look at the options though.

1. The price

Drip email tools differ in price depending on the feature-set they offer. Here are the main email drip campaign tools compared on price per 1,000 recipients.

drip campaigns price compared

Note: the prices are per month per 1,000 unique recipients. This means that you can send an infinite amount of emails to one email address, you are only limited in the number of email addresses you can send to.

If you want to give your choice a try first, choose tools with free trials. Snov.io offers an unlimited trial period with 100 unique recipients for free per month. Woodpecker, Klenty, Reply, and Funnelbake offer 14-day trials.

2. Email building features

When it comes to creating an attractive and converting email copy, a drip email tool should tick a couple of boxes.

Email campaign editor
Building and editing an email drip campaign should be easy. It’s best to choose a drip email tool with a drag-and-drop editor. This will guarantee that you can easily create complicated email flows in a graphic way, no forms necessary – the whole email campaign will be visible to you to move and change any way you need.

File attachments
Some drip campaign tools don’t allow to add file attachments to the email copy. Make sure to research your tool of choice and the size limits of files you can attach to emails.

HTML editing
If you believe plain text emails won’t perform as well for your campaign as designed HTML templates, you should have an option to send emails this way. Not all drip providers allow for this, but most do.

Email templates
Sometimes writing a compelling email copy is a task harder than organizing the rest of the campaign. To make this step as painless as possible, many tools offer professionally crafted email templates to save you time and effort. Tools like Snov.io offer both email and whole campaign templates crafted for specific purposes like blogging outreach, investor pitching, post-conference follow-ups, etc.

Custom personalization fields
All drip email tools offer basic personalization options. However, when it comes to more complicated personalization, not all tools offer custom field options. This feature offers you to set specific, super-personalized info about each individual prospect that can later be used in the email copy automatically. This info can be a specific company achievement, details about your meeting, etc. This feature is great for creating hyper-realistically human email copies.

Many believe personalization is only there to convert better. However, sending the same messages without any variable at all triggers filters and ruins your sender reputation. Segmentation and personalization go hand in hand in improving your sender reputation and deliverability. Don’t forget to segment at the list building stage.

Email signature
Nothing makes an email look more professional than an email signature. Adding it to every email you send will establish your professionalism, build trust, and offer more connection channels. You can choose one of the two options: write a text-based signature or insert an HTML one composed in third-party software. Not sure how to do it? Check out these email signature examples including tools to create them on any budget (yes, even for free).

To help you make the choice easier, here’s a short table comparing the most popular email drip campaign tools on these features:
Email drip campaign

3. Sending features and tracking options

Always check exactly what you can control about how a campaign is sent and which statistics will be tracked.

Delay option
An option to delay certain emails in the chain can help you create the perfect spacing between emails to come across as human as possible. This will also help you prevent an accidental spamming in case multiple triggers are activated in a short time.

Bounce detection
Bounce detection helps you see a clearer picture of final campaign statistics and analyze the quality of your email list.

Reply detection
Tools with automatic reply detection can stop further campaign sending for prospects who reply to your campaign and notify you that a reply has been received. This helps you follow-up on the hottest leads faster and better.

Opens and clicks tracking
Every email drip campaigns tool, no matter how basic, must have these tracking options. Only by knowing the number of email opens and clicks will you know how a campaign is performing and will be able to fine-tune it.

Unsubscribe feature
This feature lets you insert an unsubscribe link and easily track the opt-out rates. You recipients will appreciate your consideration, and you will avoid the spam folder and preserve your sender reputation. You can insert the unsubscribe link into the email or directly into your email signature.

Here’s a comparison of the main drip email tools on the aforementioned features and options.
Email drip campaign

4. Additional email tools

Some drip email senders are a part of bigger all-in-one email marketing platforms. One such example is Snov.io. Such platforms offer other tools like email finder for building prospects lists, email verifier to clean email lists and reduce email bouncing, and email tracker for individual email tracking within Gmail.
Email drip campaign

Email drip campaign settings

After you’ve chosen the tool, you still have quite a few choices you need to make to send a campaign. Here are the most important ones.

Choose if you’ll be sending through Gmail or SMTP

Drip email tools for cold outreach offer you a choice between sending from your own Gmail or SMTP. In either case, you yourself are responsible for your sender reputation, which makes it easier to control it. The main difference you will find is the daily sending limit. If you are sending a small drip campaign, your best option is using a Gmail account. This will make the email look real and personal.

Set the daily sending limit

Once you’ve chosen the email you’ll be sending from, choose the daily sending limit. You can’t go over the daily email sending limits of your provider. The quantity and quality of outgoing emails can affect your sender reputation and deliverability.

Decide if you want to send to unverified emails

Drip email platforms that also offer verification services allow you to choose whether you want to send the campaign to your whole list or only to verified email addresses. We recommend sending only to verified leads to improve the open rate and CTR, as well as reduce the bounce rate.

Pick a schedule

Scheduling can affect the open rate dramatically. The best time to send email campaign varies for each industry and purpose, but the general consensus is that Tuesdays and Fridays around 10 a.m. show the best results.

Consider the number of email scenarios

Depending on the size of the campaign and the time you’re willing to invest in creating it, you can create as many varied email scenarios within one campaign as you want. The variations will be introduced through different email flows, activated when a recipient performs a certain action, like opens an email or clicks a link.

Send a test email

Email drip campaign tools allow you to test emails before launching a campaign. You can choose one or more email addresses to send the test email to. We recommend you always test your drip campaign before launching.

Do you really need to know all these details before you create a campaign?

Yes. If you want your email drip campaign to be something more than a stab in the dark, you need to know exactly what each element does and how you can customize it to serve your needs best. Knowing this will improve campaign results and help you achieve better KPIs in the future.
Email drip campaign

Each and every feature of the drip campaign tool, no matter how simple it may seem, is in its place, working with precision to deliver the best campaign results. The rest is on you. Good luck!

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This article has been updated in April 2019

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