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We have excellent news for all Snovians!

Despite all challenges we’ve encountered, continues to show top results in the SaaS market! is recognized as the Spring 2022 Leader by the G2 Grid Report for Email Marketing and G2 Grid Report for Email Verification based on receiving a high customer satisfaction score and having a significant market presence. 92% of users rated it 5 or 4 stars, 90% of users believe it’s headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Snovio at a rate of 90%. Rocks Among G2 Spring 2022 Leaders

We always strive to create more opportunities for sales automation and business growth for our customers, so G2 recognition becomes our biggest source of encouragement, pushing us to improve high-rated features, such as email finding and verification, email drip campaigns, and developing our recently launched CRM.

We are proud of being a Spring 2022 Leader, thank G2 for this acclaim, and feel devoted to our customers, who never lose trust in our service and motivate us to perform better.

Filled with this motivation, is moving forward to achieving new goals, improving the service, and elaborating on new features you’ll see very soon!

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