Hot News: CRM Is Among G2 Summer 2022 Leaders

Hot News: CRM Is Among G2 Summer 2022 Leaders


We can’t help sharing some exciting updates with you. is recognized as the Summer 2022 Leader by the G2 Grid Report for Email MarketingG2 Grid Report for Email Verification, and, what has been long-awaited for us, G2 Grid Report for CRM Software.

About 93% of users are satisfied with our service, while 91% claim they would recommend as a reliable CRM and platform for email marketing and email verification. On top of that, 98% of users agree that is a customer-centric service that is pleasant and easy to do business with.

Hot News: CRM Is Among G2 Summer 2022 Leaders

We are happy to receive a high customer satisfaction score and are incredibly proud to see our young CRM gaining market presence and recognition. We always do our best to improve our service by making it easier to use, adding more sales automation features, and increasing opportunities for your business growth. thanks G2 for the Summer 2022 Leader acclaim and all our customers for their loyalty and trust. You’re making us stronger and motivating us to develop more features, some of which you’ll see in the near future!

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