Best Email Finder Tool Of 2020: A Comparison

Efficient lead generation requires efficient tools. With numerous seemingly similar options on the market, it’s hard to choose one based on the service website alone.

This is why we have chosen seven most popular email finding tools on the market and done a deep dive on their features, pricing, free options for those who do their email marketing on a budget and much more.

The Services

We have performed a cross-comparison of the following email finders: Email Finder – a fast and affordable email extracting tool, a part of an all-in-one cold outreach automation platform

Anymail Finder – a stand-alone email identification tool, combining both an email finder and a verifier. For some reason, this service requires your credit card data before you can perform any search.

VoilaNorbert – a simple finder tool with great UI and features like email enrichment and platform integration.

Find That Lead – an email finder that utilizes cross-checks and data analysis algorithms to search for emails. – a highly popular and simple email finder tool, which allows to easily find business emails. Hunter won’t search for emails from webmail domains.

Toofr/Find Emails – uses a unique algorithm to search for emails. A stand-alone tool that doesn’t offer a free trial option.

AeroLeads – primarily a prospecting tool for finding contact information. Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t allow registration from the domain.

The Comparison

To get a better view of the price/quality balance of all tools we have compiled a handy table, comparing the tools on their usability, deliverability, feature set, free trial, etc.

email finder comparison

Pricing Options

We decided to cover this point separately because, for the most part, every email finder service offers a variety of plans depending on your needs. If you are a one-man company, you will be able to find a suitable plan for $20-40, whereas a larger business can choose a larger plan for $80+ or a custom plan, if the service offers them.

Pricing lists usually include annual and monthly subscriptions. When purchasing an annual subscription, you will be asked to pay the whole price in one go, but in the end, the price per month, in this case, will be lower. Email Finder

Freemium: Yes. offers a freemium with 50 monthly credits, which is enough to maintain a small email marketing operation.

Plans: Paid plans start at $39 per 1,000 credits. XL plan of 50,000 credits will be enough for a large email marketing department. If you need a larger plan, you can contact the team for a custom plan. is by far the most affordable platform on this list. Every tool is unlocked on any plan, freemium or paid. The only differences between free and paid plans are the ability to export your email list and a team feature, where you can share your account with other team members.  

snovio pricing

Freemium: Yes.
Hunter offers a freemium of 100 monthly credits.

Plans: Hunter’s plans start at 49$, which isn’t the most affordable option for marketers with limited budgets. Enterprise plans of 50,000 credits are $399/months, which is almost three times the price of that from The CSV export feature is locked behind paid plans like on most platforms.

Anymail Finder

Freemium: No.
Anymail Finder offers a trial of 20 verified emails.

Plans: The pricing for Anymail is similar to Hunter’s, starting at $49, with the exception of no annual payment format and enterprise plans. Like most email finders, Anymail offers custom plans upon request.


Freemium: No.
ViolaNorbert offers a free trial of 50 leads.

Plans: ViolaNorber’s plans start at $49/month and go up to $499/month for the enterprise-level 50,000 leads Counselor plan.

Toofr’s FindEmails

Freemium: No.

Plans: This platform offers three plans starting at $19/month for 500 credits. However, whichever plan you choose, you will be able to go over it at a price of $0,02 per credit.

Note: due to an unknown issue, the pricing page of FindEmails looks like this.


Freemium: No.
Aeroleads offers a free trial of 10 credits.

Plans: The platform offers a slightly different approach to pricing, using a records system; however, they don’t specify exactly what a record stands for. Everything else is pretty standard, with plans starting at 49$. It should be noted that the usual 5,000 credits (here, records) plan is way pricier than you’d expect – $499 per month. Plans over 5,000 records have to be negotiated with the platform.

Find That Lead

Freemium: Yes.
Find That Lead offers 150 credits monthly.

Plans: Find That Lead’s price plans may surprise you after platforms like Aeroleads. But don’t be fooled: unlike other platforms, Find That Lead closes off most of its features for anyone on smaller plans, with only Suite users ($399/month) enjoying a useful tool like Prospector. Plans start at $29/month for 1,500 credits. User management and customer support are also available only to Large ($120/month) and Suite users.

The Best Tool For You

Hopefully, we have provided you with enough data to determine which email finder is the best for you and your business.

If you are looking for an affordable all-in-one option with a wide range of tools, multiple features, great customer support, and a good reputation, might be the perfect choice for you.

Try it for free and skyrocket your sales today.

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