Joins G2 Summer 2021 Leaders Joins G2 Summer 2021 Leaders

It’s time to share some exciting news!

Based on the Summer 2021 Grid report for Email Marketing and Summer 2021 Grid report for Email Verification, again holds one of the leadership positions in the independent rating of the G2 platform.

We are happy to be highly evaluated as one of the most recommendable email marketing and email verification services and can’t hide our joy from being recognized as the Summer 2021 Easiest Admin among services for small businesses. That is a cherished reward for the efforts we put into building a strong never-resting support team and improving our usability. email marketing satisfaction score according to G2

We are thankful to all our customers who never stopped trusting us, who got positive experience using our cold outreach automation platform, and who found time to leave their feedback about tools.

That motivates us to work relentlessly and passionately towards improving our email search and verification features, automated email drip campaign building, and powerful integrations with other platforms and apps. Look forward to new tools and features you will soon have a chance to test!

Thank you, G2, for your independent rating. You ignite us to become even stronger and more value-bringing.

And yet, the best reward for is to realize how our customers benefit from using our service.

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