15 Content Creation Tools For Sales Enablement

15 Content Creation Tools For Sales Enablement

Content is at the center stage of marketing, and we’re all familiar with how impactful content can build a solid brand identity for you. 

But the role of content in a business continues beyond there. It also permeates into sales, customer success, and other facets of the business, where it can influence your prospects. 

In fact, surveys show that the top 3 primary goals of creating content are boosting sales and conversions, building customer relations, and increasing brand awareness. This makes content creation tools indispensable for sales and marketing teams. 

The right content creation tools can help you create high-quality, optimized content much faster. From speeding up your market and SEO research to automating content publishing, content tools can streamline your entire process and get you better outcomes.

Why sales enablement content is important

Why do experts stress over sales enablement content? Isn’t sales all about cold calls, emails, and demos? 

Well, that perspective is changing. 

Customers and prospects today have become a lot more self-reliant and prefer self-serve options over talking to a sales rep. According to Gartner research, the focus is shifting from in-person interactions to digital channels, as almost 44% of millennials prefer no interaction with sales reps, especially in B2B sales.

This means your best chance at influencing a buyer’s decision and converting prospects is by providing them with enough content to consume. Having effective sales enablement content:

  • Empowers your sales team with the product knowledge they need to convince prospects to move toward closing a deal
  • Allows prospects to learn more about your solution and compare it to other products to arrive at a purchase decision
  • Aligns your sales and marketing teams to ensure they’re looking at the same overall goals
  • Helps build trust and move prospects down the sales funnel faster
  • Minimizes effort as most of your marketing collaterals can be used for sales enablement

The role of good email content in marketing and sales

When it comes to content in marketing and sales, the contribution of email can’t be overlooked. 

From your marketing to cold outreach emails, this is still one of the most effective communication channels for any brand. Research by McKinsey suggests that email is almost 40 times more effective at customer acquisition than other channels like social media.

Creating good email content can help with:

  • Increasing customer engagement,
  • Personalizing customer experiences,
  • Generating sales and sign-ups,
  • Building brand awareness and loyalty,
  • Keeping customers and prospects in the loop about the company and product updates,
  • Delivering value directly to the customer’s inbox

With so many benefits of using email content, you must recognize its impact on your business and revenue. So using the right tools for email content creation is just as crucial as that for your blog or website.

Best content creation tools for sales enablement

If content creation is an art, you’ll need the best tools to create a masterpiece. But how do you pick the best content creation platforms when there’s a plethora of choices? 

Comparing features and prices can be a good start, but it’s easier said than done, especially if you are stretched for time. 

To help make this decision simpler for you, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best tools for content planning and creation under various categories.

 So without much ado, let’s dive right into it.

Sales and marketing content creation tools

1. Narrato — Content planning, creation, and optimization

Narrato — Content planning, creation, and optimization

Narrato is a content workflow platform that lets you manage your entire content process from start to finish. Its AI writing and SEO tool helps speed up content creation and increases the efficiency of your content process. 

There are tools like the SEO content brief generator, AI topic generator, and content calendars for content planning. For content creation and optimization, the platform offers a powerful content editor with grammar, readability, and plagiarism checks. 

The SEO brief attached to every content task gives you keywords with counts that are automatically updated as you start writing. It also recommends questions to answer, competitor and reference links, and other SEO parameters. 

The AI writer on Narrato lets you generate high-quality content for multiple use cases in content marketing, sales, website development, email marketing, and more.

Apart from this, the platform offers other content workflow management features like custom workflows and automation, content storage under Projects & Folders, custom user roles and access control, custom content templates (for emails, blog posts, web pages, etc.), publishing automation, etc. Team collaboration on Narrato is also a breeze with on-task messaging, comments, and @mentions.

2. Infogram — Infographic creation

Infogram — Infographic creation

Infogram is a visualization tool where you can create all your infographics, charts, reports, dashboards, etc., to go with your sales and marketing content. 

This platform allows you to save time on design with a vast collection of ready-to-use templates. To stay true to your brand image, you can customize these templates with your brand colors, logo, and fonts.

Infogram is also great for creating interactive content with animations, clickable legends, tooltips, and tabs. Your entire team can work on a data visualization project or a design task with collaboration features, custom groups, and permission levels.

Besides, the platform offers analytics and reporting tools to show you metrics like user demographics, average on-screen rate, etc., which can be valuable to your sales and marketing strategy.

3. Prezi Presentations and videos

Prezi — Presentations and videos

When you talk about sales content, one format you can’t ignore is presentations. There’s probably no sales team that does not use a sales deck

When presentations are so critical to sales, it only makes sense to use a good content creation tool for preparing them. Prezi is a platform for creating presentations and videos that allows seamless collaboration among teams, even in a remote or hybrid setting.

Prezi has three different tools — Prezi for Business, Prezi for Educators, and Prezi for Students. Apart from helping you create interactive and attention-grabbing presentations with its extensive collection of templates, it also lets you present remotely through Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, etc.

The presentation-building tool on Prezi has some exciting features like ‘Zoom Reveal,’ which lets you zoom in and unveil some essential elements in your presentation, or ‘Free Movement,’ which lets you directly jump to a particular slide without having to search and navigate.

 Prezi also helps with video creation and has tons of video templates you can work on.

Email content creation tools

4. Chamaileon — Email content creation

Chamaileon — Email content creation

Chamaileon is an email creation platform that lets you create eye-catching emails without coding. 

The platform aims to centralize your email content workflow in one place. It offers a flexible email builder with design system capabilities. You can either import your existing email HTML to the platform or build your email design system from scratch. You can also collaborate on email templates with your team in real time.

Besides speeding up email content production, Chamaileon also helps with brand consistency in your emails by creating branded designs — picking the right color, fonts, and brand assets. 

It integrates with all major email providers, including Mailchimp, Marketo, SendGrid, and others.

5. Visme — Newsletter maker

Visme — Newsletter maker

Email newsletters are great marketing content that helps with prospecting and lead generation. Creating engaging email newsletters is a skill, and a tool like Visme can help you use those skills to perfection. 

Its free newsletter maker enables you to design professional newsletters from hundreds of templates. You can customize these templates with your images and graphics.

All the newsletter templates on Visme are extremely easy to edit with drag-and-drop text areas, design elements, and more. You can also change colors, presets, and fonts to make your email newsletters stand out. Visme lets you add animated elements to your online newsletters to increase audience engagement.

6. Snov.io — Email subject line A/B testing

Snov.io — Email subject line A/B testing

Your email subject line is one of the most critical parts of the email content you create. In fact, a recent study showed that nearly 64% of recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.   

A tool like Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns can help you determine which email content variations prompt more people to open your emails, click through to your website, or make a purchase. You can also use it to A/B test the effectiveness of different calls to action, email length, personalization, and more. 


All you need to do is create two versions of the same subject line (A and B) and send them out to random recipient segments to see which resonates best with your audience. You can never be too sure about what will get your recipients to open your messages until you test it. 

Video content creation tools

7. Magisto Video editing

Magisto — Video editing

Video content is critical to sales and marketing, as you can tell better stories with visual content than with written content. 

But creating video content is usually effort intensive. A lot depends on how you edit your videos to make them seamless, which is why you need good video editing tools that can simplify and speed up the process.

Magisto is a smart video editing platform that lets you create engaging videos within minutes. It makes the process of video storytelling as fast as creating a blog post with smart AI-powered tools.

The platform offers an AI-powered video editor, an omnichannel video distribution platform, and engagement analytics for your business videos to show their performance. Magisto also has hundreds of video templates to choose from. You can create marketing videos, ads, social media videos, and much more.

8. iSpring Suite — Tutorial video maker

iSpring Suite — Tutorial video maker

Tutorial videos can be compelling marketing and sales collateral and great sales enablement content for buyers looking for self-serve options. 

iSpring Suite is a tutorial video maker that lets you create engaging video lectures and how-to videos, instructional videos, explainer videos, and more. You can record your videos on the platform or import already recorded videos for editing.

 With iSpring Suite, you can create software tutorials, screencasts for your demos, video courses, and more. Some of the key features on the platform include a multi-track timeline, annotations, hotkey capture, noise removal, transitions, screen recording, etc.

9. Movavi Screen recorder and screenshots

Movavi — Screen recorder and screenshots

Screen recordings and screenshots are valuable sales enablement content that you can easily share via email or call with a prospect.

Movavi has a screen recorder tool that lets you capture your screen, be it for a webinar recording or a demo call. You can also record video tutorials or instructions for your software product on the platform.

Movavi’s screen grabs can be easily integrated within other videos or stitched together to create longer videos with the video editing tool on the platform itself. Some interesting features include scheduled screen recording, drawing on videos, showing keystrokes, etc.

Content management and automation tools

10. Seismic — Sales content automation

Seismic — Sales content automation

Seismic is a content automation platform that lets you create tons of personalized content in no time. The tool helps you generate customized content by repurposing content from different sources to tell the right stories to customers and prospects.

You can also mass-produce sales enablement documents with just a click. The platform has an Enablement Cloud that offers tools for sales content management, content automation, buyer engagement, and more to help teams drive revenue growth.

11. Pitcher Sales content management

Pitcher — Sales content management

Pitcher is a nifty app for sales enablement and customer engagement that helps with content automation and management, among several other things. 

With it, you can create tailored sales content for specific audiences, curate content from different sources and distribute effectively, deploy marketing collateral easily to enable self-service content management, etc.

Pitcher has a document automation feature that connects multiple data sources to generate unique content tailored to your audience’s needs. Your sales team can recommend this kind of content to answer prospects’ questions and engage them.

12. Sparktoro Audience behavior research

Sparktoro — Audience behavior research

Audience and customer research are crucial both in content marketing and sales enablement. Knowing your prospects’ preferences can be a game changer. Sparktoro helps with that. 

It’s an audience research tool that gives you insights into which websites your customers visit most, what social accounts they follow, which hashtags they use, etc. Understanding your audience’s online behavior makes it easier for your sales and marketing teams to influence their purchase decisions.

 Sparktoro gathers this information by scanning millions of public profiles on the web to find demographic and behavioral traits critical to your sales and marketing content strategy. The tool shows insights such as demographics, sources of influence, contact info, and more.

Guides, case studies, and e-book creation tools

13. Dokit how-to guide creation

Dokit — how-to guide creation

Another powerful self-serve content type for sales is guides and instructional content.

Dokit is a digital user guide and instruction manual maker that lets you create such content in just a few clicks. This platform also has several templates you can work with and an easy-to-use editor that makes customizing these templates very simple.

Moreover, Dokit helps organize your content with proper categorization, tagging, metadata, and workflow validation. It allows you to share or publish your guides and instructions to any device that supports PDF files.

14. Kotobee — e-book creation

Kotobee — e-book creation

Kotobee is a platform that lets you create interactive e-books in various formats. The intuitive editor on the platform makes creating long-form content easier with various customization options. You can also build your own e-book library with Kotobee, with complete access control.

Kotobee provides interactive reading tools for your audience, too, which adds to the content experience.

15. Xtensio Sales templates

Xtensio — Sales templates

Xtensio is a business content creation tool that lets you create and share marketing content, sales collaterals, reports, and more. 

The platform has hundreds of sales content templates, including case study templates, pitch decks, etc. The templates are customizable with images, videos, tables, charts, and more which you can drag and drop or resize as required.

Xtensio also allows seamless collaboration on content and shares weekly insights and stats on your team’s progress. You can also share your content directly from the platform as live, responsive web links, full-screen presentations, or embedded on your website.


The technology market has numerous content creation tools, but not all of them can deliver what you’re looking for. 

When it comes to sales or email content, in particular, the requirements are unique. We’re looking at catchy headlines, extensive case studies, guides, e-books, etc., that will have enough substance to influence someone’s buying decision. 

Finding the best content creation tools for sales and email content is more complicated than it seems. We hope this list of 15 content creation tools makes the decision easier for you and that each platform here is worthy of being a part of your arsenal. If you’ve used any of these tools, let us know what you think.

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