20 Email Marketing Influencers To Learn From

20 Email Marketing Influencers To Learn From

20 Email Marketing Influencers To Learn From

Live and learn, right?

If you struggle with launching your email campaigns, optimizing them, driving more subscribers, using advanced segmentation and personalization techniques, or simply want to learn as much as possible about email marketing, this is your chance to learn from the best. By following these influencers on social media and reading their blogs from time to time you will learn exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s our pick of 20 email marketing influencers to follow in 2023.

1. Dela Quist

Founder & CEO of Alchemy Worx and Touchstone

Dela Quist

Alchemy Worx is a digital agency focused mostly on email marketing. Dela Quist is the CEO of Alchemy Worx, and together with his team he helps clients to create, implement and run their email marketing – from email strategy development, analytics and tracking, copywriting and messaging, to actual development of email templates, funnel building, email marketing optimization and more. He is also a proud member of the Digital Marketing Association. Follow @DelaQuist.

2. John W. Hayes

Marketing Strategist at iContact

John W. Hayes

John W. Haynes has almost 20 years of experience as an email marketing and content marketing specialist. He proved that content marketing and email marketing are two of few channels that work in most cases for most companies. At the moment he works as a strategist at iContact (which is an email marketing platform), as well as writes high-class content for them. Listen to Becoming THE Expert Podcast.

3. Elliot Ross

Co-founder of Taxi for Email

 Elliot Ross

Elliot Ross and his Taxi for Email team know a lot about email marketing. Their profile is creating smart HTML email templates that work for all inboxes and email service providers. If you want to dive deep into learning everything about email templates, adaptive HTML formatting, email deliverability, and email tech, follow Elliot Ross. Follow @iamelliot.

4. Justine Jordan

Advisor at Litmus, CMO at Help Scout

Justine JordanJustin Jordan is a marketer with a strong background in web design and email design. You can meet her at events like MozCon, Call to Action Conference and more, sharing email marketing tips, tricks, and tactics. She is mostly focused on email marketing and was named Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year for a reason. Follow @meladorri.

5. Nate Goodman

Founder of ThoughtReach

Nate Goodman

Nate Goodman is a person with a strong CRM and business analysis background, which makes it easy for him to explain client journeys, funnels, and conversions. As the founder and chief writer at his ThoughtReach blog, he shares email marketing and social media marketing hacks and tricks. Read ThoughtReach Blog.


6. Skip Fidura

Customer Success Director at DotMailer

Skip Fidura

Skip Fidura is not a new kid on the block. He’s a marketing specialist who’s been around since the mid-90s. He is a C-level marketing specialist with a focus on email marketing techniques and messaging. He is not just a customer service director, but also a member of the UK’s marketing association, whose goal is to promote best email marketing practices. Follow @skipfidura.

7. Becs Rivett-Kemm

Freelance Email Marketing Specialist

Becs Rivett-KemmBecs Rivett-Kemm is a freelancer, but not an average one. With over 8 years of experience in email marketing, she started her own digital agency that helps clients with their full email marketing cycle. If you want to learn more about email marketing strategies, email campaign flows and funnels, smart campaigns, segmenting, email copywriting, email design and even advanced email analytics – she is the one to follow. Read Rivett-Kemm Consulting blog.

8. Jeanne Jennings

Email marketing consultant, trainer & speaker

Jeanne JenningsJeanne Jennings is one of the best email marketing influencers around, with over 20 years of experience in the email marketing niche. She consults businesses of all sizes on how to optimize email marketing channels to convert more subscribers and leads into sales. In addition to her career as a trainer and consultant, she also teaches digital marketing at Georgetown University, so you can be sure she knows what she’s talking about. Follow @jeajen.

9. Matthew Vernhout

Chief Editor at EmailKarma

Matthew VernhoutMatthew Vernhout is a true email marketing influencer and evangelist with over 20 years of experience. He is focused on email marketing niches like ISP policies, email deliverability, email security and authentication, email marketing regulations, GDPR and more. He has experience with large transactional and promotional email campaigns, and knows almost everything there is to know about email delivery rules and hacks. He is currently the chief editor of EmailKarma – a blog focused on email marketing trends, best practices, and tips. Read EmailKarma Blog or follow @emailkarma.

10. Tom Sather

Chief of Reseach at Return Path

Tom Sather

Tom Sather is an email specialist with over 20 years of experience. Tom’s main focus is on email deliverability, the technical side of email marketing, privacy, and protection mechanisms. As the chief of research at Return Path, he is the one to help clients learn and implement best-performing email marketing practices. Follow @tom_sather or read Return Path Blog.

11. Alyssa Nahatis

Director of deliverability at Adobe

Alyssa NahatisAlyssa Nahatis has quite a unique experience – she works as the director of deliverability at Adobe, implementing top-class email marketing practices and standards. She is an expert in email marketing, email deliverability, email security, and digital marketing in general. If you want to learn more about the technical part of email marketing and improve your delivery rates, she is definitely an expert to follow. Besides Adobe, she has worked at companies like Merill Lynch and Experian. Follow @ANahatis.

12. Andrew Kordek

Founder of Trendline Interactive

Andrew Kordek

Andrew Kordek was responsible for email marketing and optimization at Groupon. He is one of the founders of Trendline Interactive – a company working on email strategies, email marketing, and conversion improvement. Andrew Kordek is not just a founder, he is also in charge of strategy in the company, including email marketing. He is also a blogger and speaker. Follow @andrewkordek.

13. Spencer Kollas

VP of Global Deliverability Services at Cheetah Digital

Spencer KollasAs the VP of global deliverability services at Cheetah Digital, Spencer Kollas knows everything about improving email deliverability, thus reaching more inboxes and converting more leads into sales. Besides his knowledge of email marketing, he is an experienced cross-channel marketing specialist. He is also known as a public speaker and writer. Follow @SpencerKollas.

14. Bill McCloskey

Founder of Only Influencers

Bill McCloskey

Bill McCloskey is the founder of Only Influencers, an online community for email marketing specialists. He is an email marketing influencer with over 15 years of experience, and has promoted best email marketing practices since 2003. In the Rebels’ Guide to Email book, he is described as the godfather of email marketing. He knows how email marketing developed through the years, how it changed and what trends work now. Read Only Influencers Email Marketing Blog.

15. Harry Kaplowitz

Senior Product Manager at WhatCounts

Harry KaplowitzHarry Kaplowitz is always included in the list of top email marketing influencers for a reason – he is an email marketing specialist with a lot of experience in email marketing strategies, funnel optimizations, marketing automation and more. He’s proven his skills and knowledge while working at iContact and Windsor Circle. Follow @hrkaplowitz.

16. Simms Jenkins

Founder of BrightWave

Simms JenkinsSimms Jenkins is a public speaker and influencer with a focus on email marketing. Both organizations he founded (BrightWave and EiQ) utilize email marketing techniques to the fullest, so you can expect practical advice based on years of experience. Simms Jenkins was accoladed as an email marketing evangelist and influencer by several big associations, including Atlanta Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association. Follow @SimmsJenkins.

17. Cara Olson

Head of Relationship Marketing at DEG

Cara OlsonCara Olson leads the email strategy department, and has a unique experience with APIs, integrations and transactional emails. Besides email marketing, Cara Olsen can teach you about conversions, customer relationship management, and email marketing optimization that will allow you to drive more leads and convert more leads into actual sales. If you want to learn how to integrate your email marketing campaigns with your CRM system, or how to improve your email marketing strategy and ROI, follow her. Read Cara’s articles on Marketing Land.

18. David Moth

Managing Editor at Barclaycard

David MothDavid Moth has over 10 years of experience in social media marketing and content marketing. As a journalist, researcher and managing editor he knows everything about content production, including website content, gated content, B2B content and more. By following David Moth you can learn a lot about how to create email copies that actually engage and convert recipients from readers into buyers. Follow @davidmoth.

19. Sydney Aron Sullivan

Founder of S2 Marketing

Sydney Aron SullivanSydney Aron Sullivan is an extremely experienced digital marketer with the focus on email marketing. She started her S2 Marketing company to help clients with email marketing and campaign management. During her 10 years as a digital and email marketer, she’s worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Follow her if your goal is to make your email campaigns smarter and more optimized. Follow @sydneysulli.

20. Phil Hollows

CEO at FeedBlitz

Phil HollowsAs a founder and CEO at FeedBlitz, an RSS-powered email marketing platform, Phil Hollows knows everything about converting visitors and readers into subscribers. Phil Hollows is also a public speaker, tech journalist and author of a few books on blogging and subscription optimization. Read FeedBlitz Blog.


Know more email marketing influencers you believe must be included in our list? Leave a comment below and we’ll include them with credit to you!

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