Vivi Xu

Our recommendation — never ignore the power of follow-ups. It’s a real game-changer. The drip campaign tool is handy in following up on cold leads.

Vivi Xu

Marketing Director at GUANJUZHE

Vivi Xu
Marketing Director at GUANJUZHE
About company

GUANJUZHE is a trade corporation based in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The company is a supplier of hardwood kitchenware and houseware. GUANJUZHE sees its mission in promoting environmentally friendly materials in everyday consumer goods, such as bamboo, acacia, oak, walnut, and others.

The challenge

Like any business at the start of their B2B sales journey, we had a lot of bottlenecks:

  • We didn’t know how to make leads match our ICP,
  • Our manual lead search process took forever and resulted in low-quality contacts,
  • We had no efficient lead conversion strategy, nor did we seal any deals.


Our story is not unique: many companies like us still haven’t figured out how to handle the biggest problem — finding clients. As a result, they squander time searching leads manually without a clear Buyer Persona in mind, just as we did in the past.

The solution

Our team got sick of not seeing any tangible results, and that’s where we decided to restructure our approach completely. First, we reconsidered the data we were processing. As soon as we found a reliable data service provider, we started using Single and Bulk Email Search to extract contact information from company profiles.

That’s where we killed two birds with one stone:

  • Filled our pipeline with high-quality, relevant leads in an automated way,
  • Took over the market share and outpaced our competitors.
Read real stories from customers

The next challenge was to take our conversion off the ground. Email Drip Campaign tool is perfect for turning leads into customers! We added found contacts to the email sequence with triggers and follow-ups, and a personalized campaign was sent to hundreds of thousands of leads. Once set, all we do is add new leads to this email campaign and wait for the results.

Our recommendation — never ignore the power of follow-ups. It’s a real game-changer. The drip campaign tool is handy in following up on cold leads.

We didn’t just embed tools into our sales process; we built our workflow around these amazing sales instruments.

The results

The results are even more striking: in 2021, we hit a sales record of $1 million doing foreign trade using only a sales suite. It was an extraordinary experience. We focus on 9 hot leads and over 20 requests for quota every month.

hot B2B leads/month
requests for quota/month
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